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Request Pre-Approval NowGetting pre-approved is a necessary and important first step in the home buying process. Our preferred lenders understand you are more than a mere credit score, and everyone's financial picture is different. Act now, and be prepared should that perfect home present itself. If you hesitate, for the time it takes to get approved, you could miss out on the home of your dreams.

What is a pre-approval? What types of home loans can you use? How can I get down payment assistance?

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What is a Pre-Approval?

Why use BHHS - Professional Realty's Home Loan Services?

get approved home loan servicesUse the form above to request a pre-approval and we'll get you matched to the right professional to assist with your pre-approval, arming you with this necessary document that every offer being financed must include. Sellers will not look at an offer without it.

Getting pre-approved is more than just a "guess" that some sites offer. Getting pre-approved is also not instantaneous. Buyers have to gather documents for their loan officer and answer questions during the process. In the few days it takes to get the legal pre-approval document to make an offer, your dream home can slip right through your fingers to an already prepared buyer.

Our preferred lenders provide a much smoother process with better results.

Our Home Loan Services – Smart Matching

Berkshire Hathaway Home Loan ServicesOur Ohio Realtors work with many preferred lenders, matching the right loan officer and lending institutions with the right buyers. After all, Berkshire Hathaway real estate agents stay well connected and have feedback from previous clients and know which lenders have the right loan products best suited for your unique situation. You're request only goes to local professionals that provide fast responsive service, competitive rates and the right loan for your situation and target market.

We know what works and how to help you.

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What type of home loans interest you?

There are several different types of home loans and various factors to consider.

Conventional, USDA, VA, FHA and FHA 203K loans for homes that need repairs all have different benefits and may or may not suit your needs. There are also different types of grants and down payment assistance that are often used in a home purchase as well.

Just mention you need grants or down payment assistance on the form above and we'll do all we can to help you achieve your goals.

conventional home loansConventional are among the most common of loan types, with typically 20% and a very few lenders with 10% -15% down. Conventional loans are for move in condition homes and rates are about the same as with any home loan depending on the lender and your credit profile.

FHA Home LoansFHA (Federal Housing Authority) loans tend to dominate a lot home purchases for the fact they are only 3.5% down payment, and also for move-in condition homes. FHA loans are popular with first time buyers for their loan down payments. Investors typically pay a slightly higher rate than owner occupants.

home loans for homes that need repairsFHA 203k loans are for homes that need repairs. Federal law dictates that if you're financing, you cannot do the repairs yourself. In the past that has led to the decline of house values when homes don't get proper maintenance and restored to quality living conditions. The appraisal and inspection part of the process are both strong factors in helping determine the amount of the necessary repairs.

You do get some choices, of course, like color of paint, types of fixtures, appliances, carpet etc. Shop for a contractor that is well known and reputable, get referrals. If you like, check into our Best Vendors.

*This site will open in a new window, it's a separate site and you won't lose your place here.

usda no down payment home loansUSDA or "no money down" loans are for properties located in rural areas, with populations of under 25,000. Ohio Ohio Realtors can assist you with finding out if a home qualifies.

VA home loans no money downVA loans are also no money down and again, for move in condition homes that must be VA approved. Our local Ohio Realtors are glad to assist and military friendly.

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What are down payment assistance and grants?

home loans down payment assistanceHow can they help me? How can I obtain this kind of funding? For starters, simply mention you'd like to obtain down payment assistance or grants on the above request form in the comments section.

Many cities and counties around Ohio and other states have their own down payment assistance and grant programs. Ohio Realtors stay on top of what's available, and can be quite substantial.

You should know that once offered, these funds go fast, so taking action now is always in your best interest.

One form of down payment assistance is OHFA, the Ohio Housing and Finance Authority. This program provides 2.5% of the purchase price towards your down payment; however, not all areas are eligible. Our Ohio Realtors can verify if a home is in an eligible area, and also tell you what nearby areas are.

You can combine down payment assistance with low down payment type loans.

If you choose an FHA loan, 203k or otherwise, using OHFA turns 3.5% down into only 1% down. Keep in mind there are other closing costs that very according to each unique loan and lender, and that's what our Realtors do, they help you decided what's best for you and how to make these programs work together. We want you to succeed, even if you're facing credit issues.

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Ohio Hero's Program

Another program that helps our military men and woman, along with firefighters, policemen, paramedics, teachers and other eligible professions is the Ohio Hero's Program which can cut a quarter percent off a mortgage your rate, saving you money over the life of the home loan.

military advantage home loansOur Military Advantage Cash-Back Program

Our Realtors understand and appreciate your service, and all of us here at Berkshire Hathaway are grateful to you. Expect the very best in service from our Ohio

Realtors and staff: We do everything possible to create the best home purchase experience.

We are a proud sponsor in honoring all the brave men and women who now serve or have served our country.

You protect our rights, our lives, and our future. Our children's future is secured by your efforts, as well, and they are the future of our country.

We're committed to your future, just as you're committed to ours.

Accelerated process for determining VA loan eligibility
Personal service by a Berkshire Hathaway Realtor
One-stop shop – real estate, mortgage, and title
If you are receiving other relocation benefits, this program may not apply.

Military Advantage Program; allow us to serve you! 

Contact our friendly Director of Relocation, Corporate Services and Vendor Services, Julee Terilli 937-306-0056 or contact Robyn Thomas our Relocation Manager & Moving Coordinator at 937-912-0136.

BHHS Professional Realty also offers;

Strong military and related sphere of influence
Market knowledge
Effective negotiating skills
Online Seller Advantage
Online Buyer's Advantage
Customer for Life Program
Finest and broadest Internet exposure available

Isn't it time someone served you?

** Seller listing commission will be reduced by the bonus amounts referenced above. Buyer will receive a bank gift card after closing.

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