Yard Sale Basics

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The Overwhelming Yard/Garage Sale in 8 Easy Steps

Yard SaleAre you constantly surrounded by piles of ‘stuff’? Has your ‘junk drawer’ become unmanageable to the point of utter avoidance? Do you find yourself keeping longer hours at the office because of the serious deep clean that your house is in need of? If this is your life right now, there is hope. It is normal to feel this way, especially if you are in the process of buying or selling your home.

A step towards the solution to these problems, worries, and concerns is a yard sale. A yard sale has so many benefits; from cleaning up your home and meeting the neighbors to injecting some extra cash into your budget. Cleaning out the clutter of your home makes life that much easier when you are ready to move or if your house is on the market and regularly being trampled through. Believe it or not, cleanliness of a home will affect the prospective buyers’ opinion, and maybe even give it a little more value. It also eliminates some of the stress of packing and serves as a way to take inventory on what you own. As years go on, many of us forget about those items currently taking up space in the dark corners of the closets. Going through everything allows you to get rid of what you don’t need and holds you back from buying something you already have; all at the same time, saving you money.

Having a sale is also a great way to introduce yourself to a new neighborhood. If you’ve just moved in, this is an excellent excuse to start a dialogue with your new neighbors. You know, the ones that you’ll be borrowing cups of sugar from and repairing each other’s lawn mowers. It’s also a great idea to ask around to those in the neighborhood or perhaps local family member if they have anything to contribute. This is a great way to draw in a bigger crowd and turn a better profit. The more the merrier!

Garage SaleSpeaking of money, it’s hard to name someone who doesn’t need some extra cash in their budget. As a prospective homeowner, the first big payment that you’re focused on is the down payment on the purchase of your new home. You might be surprised at how much budget wiggle room a yard sale can provide and how much of that down payment can be covered, if not allAaron LePedis on US News claims, “Between the ages of seven to 25, I made my first million from garage sales, estate sales, and second-hand stores, buying and flipping stuff. I took all the money I made and flipped that into starting an art gallery.” Although this approach is a little extreme- it’s never too late to start building your yard sale fortune!

Where to begin:

1.  Set the date and make a plan. Lennette Walczak says the closer to the 1st and the 15th of the month, the better; because people tend to get paid on those dates. She also says Saturdays are definitely the most successful. Generally, yard sales are the most successful when they run from Thursday through Saturday and begin around 7 or 7:30 am. Also, ask around to see if anyone wants to join you! As we mentioned earlier, the more the merrier!

2.  Go through everything in your house. Don’t be a hoarder. You need to leave the emotions behind, on this one. Be rational.

3.  Be prepared with the necessary tools. Have everything organized into the appropriate bins, containers, or bags. Display small items on a table or two. Have a small “check-out” table with chairs, a notepad, a calculator, and the square. Try to have nice clothes hung on hangers. And don’t forget the pricing stickers, posters, and markers!

4.  Price wisely and don’t let the non-cash customers walk away.

  • Use a sticker system; assign each color to a certain amount of money.
  • Aaron from the US News suggests not even setting a price for the items under $15. He advises waiting for the customer to throw out a number and negotiate from there. You can often make more money this way.
  • Use the free credit card reader, square, for the non-cash buyers, suggested by Carrie, a ReadyForZero blogger.  

5.  Advertise! Use your local newspaper for a free ad. Utilize your Facebook and all other social media accounts. Tell your friends! Aaron suggests to have15-20 3x3 signs set out at busy intersections; all you need are some posters and markers. He also introduced using an app called TagSellIt.com. 

6.  Set up the night before. Carrie highly recommends having everything ready because people tend to show up way earlier than you planned.

7.  Take care of your lovely customers. Supply shopping bags, beverages and snacks. Beverages and snacks are good ways to bring in extra cash too! You can charge $0.25 for a cup of coffee.

8.  Have fun! The process is not meant to be a burden or to add more stress on to your stress. While you’re preparing, think of all of the good things you are going to take out of it; the new friends, a clean house, and most importantly the much-  needed cash, which Aaron says can be around $500-$1500! The feeling of counting up the money at the end, will make it all worth it.

There you have it, the benefits and how-to’s of a yard sale. Your clutter problem is solved and your move or move in is sure to be a simple task (hopefully \_(ツ)_/).


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