Wireless Home Surveillance System

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Wireless Home Surveillance Systems

OnGARD Wireless Surveillance System by Global Security Experts, Inc.

Wireless home surveillance systems are no longer a security perk that only banks, businesses, and affluent residents can afford. Thanks to advancements in technology, wireless camera systems are now accessible to the average homeowner—an effective and affordable home security device for deterring and catching criminals.

Effective, Affordable Home Security

There are numerous news reports involving home crime suspects caught on camera. In a recent WDTN news report out of Germantown, Ohio, home video footage showed a crime suspect walk up to the door, ring the door bell, then kick in the door. Both the suspect and the suspect's vehicle were recorded by the homeowner's multi-camera home surveillance system, evidence that will come in very handy in terms of tracking down and arresting the suspect.

The Benefits of a Wireless Home Surveillance System

If your residence isn't already protected by a home surveillance system, you and your family can benefit from having such a system installed. While there are multiple surveillance camera systems on the market, as a home security expert, I highly recommend a wireless home surveillance system over traditional home security cameras that require multiple video and audio cables.

In addition to requiring nothing more than simple electrical outlets to set up, a wireless home surveillance system can provide the flexibility you need to monitor multiple areas of your property at the same time. The video feeds from the cameras are automatically transmitted to the system receiver via internal wireless technology.

More importantly, having wireless home security cameras installed around your property can help protect you and your family in the following ways:

  • Home security cameras can be quite effective at deterring burglars and other home intruders. Many criminals look to avoid homes that prominently display cameras and signage that indicate the property is under video surveillance.
  • A home surveillance system can provide vital evidence. In the event you experience an unfortunate home crime such a burglary or home invasion, the recorded video footage can provide investigators with the evidence they need to identify and bring the criminal to justice.
  • A wireless home surveillance system with LCD monitor can serve as an early warning device. The earlier a potential intruder is detected, the more time you have to call 911 and seek out a safe place as you wait for police to arrive. A wireless home security camera system with a portable LCD monitor can not only alert you of trespassers, it can potentially save your life. 

Important Wireless Home Surveillance System FeaturesOnGARD Walk-About Wireless Home Surveillance System

In addition to a portable LCD monitor, other important wireless surveillance system features that will make your home security investment worthwhile include:

  • A DVR with SD card option (preferably 32GB) for recording and saving video surveillance footage.
  • Motion sensors for recording video footage only when motion is detected.
  • Night vision for clear visuals during the darkest hours of the evening.
  • Secure FHSS signal to ensure your privacy by preventing unauthorized viewing of video footage.

With over 360,000 property crimes occurring in and around Ohio each year, keeping a protective eye over your residence is as important as ever. A wireless home surveillance system can be an effective security device in deterring criminals and keeping your family safe.

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Diane Goodwin wrote: Jordan, do you find that with wireless monitoring systems that if there is a gliche' in a providers network, will that cause a wireless security system to need reset frequently? I have had a couple hick - ups with my wireless system, only when a network was messed up briefly. Thanks Jordan A Safe House Is A Happy House!

Posted on Friday, August 1st, 2014 at 2:52pm.

Jordan Frankel wrote: Diane,

Thank for your comment/question. So you are correct in that some systems are less reliable then others. However those are typically the Wifi based surveillance systems. The system I recommend functions without your Wifi or internet provider. Please see http://www.globalsecurityexperts.com/products/wireless-surveillance-system.html The OnGARD system operates on 2.4 ghz wireless spread spectrum frequency that seldoms requires re-booting etc. It also contains a anti- eavesdropping system built -in.

Feel free to email me directly at Jordan@globalsecurityexperts.com

Stay Safe

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 1:54pm.

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