Why You Should Boycott New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Jessica Botkin on Thursday, January 1st, 2015 at 8:46am.    1144 Views

It'll Never Work

As the first day of 2015 dawns, the sales of gym memberships, Nicorette, and weight loss supplements will skyrocket. We all know the routine, GEAR UP, a new day is upon us, New Year-New You, they have all been done. What is it that happens during the course of the next 11 months that sends people into a collective backslide?!

The short answer...LIFE.

It's safe to say we start with good intentions, then, the weather is too cold to complete that jog, it’s too snowy to go to the gym after work. You stayed up too late, can’t get up early and workout.

The boss/client/spouse/sibling/whatever has elevated your stress level to epic proportions and you just HAVE to light up one Marlboro Light, just ONE. That one turns into one in the car on the way to work each morning and so on……

Pedal to the Metal

The key is commitment. Start with a small goal, one that will make you feel good at the end of the first week of the New Year. Perhaps not have that morning smoke in the car, or commit to jogging a mile three times that first week. If your 2015 goal is make a big impact on your life, the key is start with an achievable goal, build your confidence and move forward making additional changes on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. By the end of the year you can look back upon the lifestyle changes you’ve made and see the big picture!

My personal goal on paper is to double my sales volume. I happen to have a mental goal of a much higher amount that I’m not quite ready to share. (Insert apprehensive emoji here) One thing I’ve yet to do since entering this business in 2010 is daily prospecting to expired listings.

 2015 IS the year, daily prospecting is locked and loaded into my daily schedule, I’m looking forward to reassessing at the halfway point to see if (no HOW) it’s made an impact! I’m also working on positive thinking ;)

Cheers to a successful, healthy and prosperous New Year!  

Jessica Botkin

Greater Dayton Ohio Realtor

Jessica.Botkin5@gmail.com or 937.469.3404

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