What Else Could Go Wrong?

Posted by Brandon Snell on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 9:19am.    1236 Views

Last Wednesday while in my office my neighbor from across the hallway, Nannette, called my cell phone. Nannette sounded worried. “My husband just called me and told me that our water is out. Is your water running?” she asked. I immediately called home to ask my daughter to turn on our faucet. Just then, one of my clients called my office phone. Again, I heard a frantic voice. Their pipes had burst and their house was quickly filling with water.

This has been a common theme this January in Ohio, where earlier in the week the temperatures in southern Ohio dropped to nearly zero. With wind chills, the temperature felt like it was 25 below. The hazardous weather created one problem after another. On Monday, my wife woke me up to tell me that her battery was dead and needed me to drop her off at work. When we tried getting into my car, the doors were frozen and impossible to open. Subsequently, we contacted our roadside service provider, who sent someone to our home to jumpstart my wife’s car. When the service technician arrived, the hood on my wife’s car was also frozen shut. Finally, and with amazing tenacity, the technician was able to pry open our hood and jumpstart the battery.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, one would think that I understood the potential ferocity of winter. Yet, nothing prepares someone for the hellish cold spell that Ohioans have endured this season. The unusually frigid temperatures this year in Ohio were the type that turned your cheeks blisteringly painful for the split second before every exposed body part went numb. It was the sort of weather that caused unexpected breakdown after breakdown, so much so that 35 buildings at Wright Patterson Air Force were damaged due to bursting pipes due to freezing.

Thank goodness that I’m an insurance expert who knows the sort of coverage that’s necessary for coping with Ohio weather. From what feels like a climatic span between subtropical dog days of summer to winters that could freeze a penguin, Ohioans have to be prepared for it all, and I’m happy to report that all of our clients who filed claims this winter had the proper coverage. I speak for every agent at Meridian Capstone when I say that we take a lot of pride in not only helping our clients save money, but also in making sure that every person who we work with is sufficiently protected against whatever life might throw at them. We’ve built a strong reputation in Ohio for being a highly reliable and competent insurance agency, and we look forward to continued success at making the lives of Ohioans safer.

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