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See Through The Eyes Of Compassion 

ToleranceI recently had the honor to travel to beautiful Paris, France, my travel partner and I were lucky enough to miss the Parisian attacks by only a few weeks. Visiting La Ville Lumiere (The City of Light) only months after the devastating Charlie Hebdo shooting lent an air of sadness to the stunning destination. Terrorists leave us all reeling in the wake of their attacks, not only for the devastation left behind but the preposterous chance that any one of us could be a target at anytime, anywhere; for reasons the majority of the human race would consider incomprehensible. 

We live in a beautifully diverse nation, one where we welcome people from ALL corners of the world, religions, ethnicities and eccentricities. I often hear my fellow Americans make comments about the Niqab & Burka being worn in the States and typically followed by veiled anger and the mention of learning the language in order to live/work/visit the USA, etc. We've ALL witnessed these conversations, particularly in our post 9/11 society. 

The lack of tolerance is no doubt born of fear and fed by anger. If acceptance was the norm, we may have the ability to think differently. I can't imagine how the millions of displaced foreigners must feel as they are trying to become acclimated to the many facets of our complicated culture and language. Will extending the proverbial olive branch solve our concerns on the terrorist front? Absolutely not. However, in the meantime, we can move toward solidarity with compassion and tolerance rather than suspicion and hatred. 

During my small amount of time spent traveling Italy, France and Monaco, I can say without a doubt it warmed by heart and left me (nearly) speechless when someone had compassion for my lack of understanding with their customs, culture and language. Gate A-4 is a widely shared, tear-jerking beautiful blog that is the epitome of tolerance and understanding. Please see the link below and take the few minutes to read, and inspire others to soften their hearts this Holiday Season and beyond. 


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