Time Flies

Posted by Jessica Botkin on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 10:32am.    1047 Views

Giant Time Wasters

Time seems to be moving faster for all of us these days. It’s as if the world is literally spinning more quickly than a decade ago. While we are all running around like scattering ants, tweeting, texting, Facebooking, obsessively refreshing Instagram and The Chive we can scarcely keep up with the ground under our feet.

It seems the Leave It to Beaver days of simplicity, time to sit, have a drink and ponder life are all but extinct. The new wave of hot apps claim to help us consolidate the useless 50+ emails we receive daily, coordinate our calendars, contacts, and cloud all of it so we and literally everyone else we put into “special groups” can see what we are up to and where we’re at by simply checking where we’ve been pin dotted by our locating apps. So much for privacy (insert sarcastic eye roll here). The Holidays are looming, maybe I should turn on my husbands “locator” so I can see exactly where he’s shopping for gifts…….that is actually a statement I overheard recently!!!

I am continuously astounded by the amount of time we all (myself definitely included) spend “utilizing” social media. I have heard and tried the suggestion to carve out a certain time of day to catch up and network on social media but I still seem to catch myself thinking, I’ll just check this really quickly and then 20min have unknowingly passed. Is it possible that this is just part of our giant time suck?! No! Gasp. It can’t be.

Tweet This

That on top of the regular time sucks like spending time investing in people, projects, and clients that net absolutely zip in our bank accounts. Both the literal and figurative type of accounts, in a society where nearly everything is at our fingertips, with just the touch of a button you’d think we would have more time than in the history of mankind. What are we as a human race to do?!

 There’s GOT to be an app for that! Something that helps you prioritize your life using algorithms based on how happy you felt holding your phone after various situations. Your phone can read your level of happiness right? Maybe we should check on that…..patent THAT idea.   

Suggestions? Put it out on Twitter, see what kind of response we receive……

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