The Secret of Fall Mums

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Tips for Keeping Your Mums in Bloom Every Year

The fall curb appeal reviews are in… And, when it comes to mums, many have mixed feelings. Decorating with fall bloomers is a great way to add some appeal to your home when you’re trying to sell, but there are ways to keep these colors around for seasons to come. While most fall mum-lovers treat their Chrysanthemums like annuals by keeping them in the store-bought pot and tossing them when the blooms come to a halt, the hardy fall-blooming mum is actually a perennial.

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For those who enjoy the bright colors mums offer and appreciate how much they complement the fall foliage, there are some ways to keep you from investing in them year after year – plant them. This approach will not only allow you to enjoy some autumn flowers, it will also set you apart if you’re one of the many sellers who are trying to get their house off the market before winter hits and home buying slows down.

First, let’s start with the varieties of mums that can handle the harsh, Ohio winters. The hardy mum, as the name suggests, can tolerate the freezing temps. However, this variety may need a little nurturing to help it along. One tip is, while it’s in the decorative pot, diligent gardeners need to make sure their mums are in full sun and getting plenty of water. The sun can quickly dry these thirsty plants out, so check your mums daily and give them a drink if the soil is (at all) dry.

Another tip is to keep your mums cut short. These crew-cut-loving plants don’t like to have long, floppy stems and onlookers appreciate the fuller blooms that a shorter cut allows. A common rule to follow is to cut back your mums in mid-summer. This gives the shorter stems a chance to display a tight bunch of vibrant blossoms in the fall.

Once the blooms start to fade, you can pat yourself on the back – you’ve kept your mums happy and alive ALL fall. Now, comes the tricky part – following through on the plan to keep them alive through the winter. It is time to free them from their pots and let them lay down some roots in the ground, so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

When it comes to planting your hardy mums, the best time to plant is normally late October. Since seasons and temperatures vary throughout Ohio, it’s best to make sure you get mums in the ground before the soil is too frozen to work with. It’s also a good idea to give them time to get established before they’re hit with a hard frost. Once your mums are planted, make sure you water them thoroughly and keep watering for a few days afterwards. Another tip is to add a few inches of mulch to help hold moisture in and add a layer of insulation, so the roots are protected from the harsh cold. And, if you’re feeling extra diligent, another prudent step is to give them added protection in the form of a burlap barrier. This fabric will help protect your hardy mums from cold, drying winds.

While this may sound like a lot of work for a perennial, the hardy mum can be a relatively low-maintenance plant once it’s established. Like all perennials, a healthy mum will continue to come back every year, allowing you to enjoy their color and saving you a trip to the nursery. Plus, once it’s the time to sell comes and if you are showing your home in the fall, this lovely display can make your yard and your home stand out from the rest. For more information on selling your home or to speak with a loan officer, please feel to visit


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