The New Face of Fairborn

Posted by Jessica Botkin on Thursday, September 4th, 2014 at 9:09am.    1211 Views

Fairborn Revamped 

This small town has seen its fair share of public ideological and economic struggles the last few years. As with all trials, we, both as individuals and as a town seem to come out on the other side better, stronger and ready to build upon the things we learned during the hurricane of tribulations. I’m proud to say my Hometown is on the mend.

From the inside out, Fairborn is reaching out to the public like never before in an effort to gain positive momentum. New code enforcement officers are committed to cleaning up the city; the “in-roads” have been a major focus for the front half of 2014, boasting noticeable changes on Maple Ave and Dayton Dr. in particular.

On the inside, the Neighborhood Betterment Division, along with the guidance of Missy Frost, is now assisting multiple Fairborn homeowners with repairs and upgrades utilizing the grant monies awarded to the City from HUD. Emergency repairs also qualify, contact Fairborn Neighborhood Betterment Division for more information and qualification requirements. The 2014 Consolidated Plan offers further information about plans the city has on the horizon.

Vintage Charm

Through the Street Façade program, Main St. has kept its charm but boasts a clean, fresh feel with wide tree-lined sidewalks and inviting storefronts, reminiscent of Mayberry.

Positive Fairborn related stories are emerging left and right these days, from the fantastic Parks Programs, Free On Friday’s concert series at the Amphitheater located @ Community Park, Fall Kickball Leagues @ Fairfield Park and robust community of Parades/Festivals even through the Fall and Holiday seasons. Hosting the Air Force Marathon is Fairborn's most recent claim to fame with the September 20th 2014 race sold out, Fairborn is expecting 15,000+ runners from all over the world. If you haven't participated in the marathon festivities in the past 2014 is the year to start! Fairborn is truly a one of a kind town!

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