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Posted by Jessica Botkin on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 at 9:06am.    1080 Views

Youtility & Why THIS is the Best Way to Land New Clients

Shout out to Jay Baer and, I KNEW I should have patented my way of reeling in new clients! I just missed the train on the crafty title…"Youtility.”

Before you decide this is another smoke and mirror sales tactic, Youtility is essentially providing clients with useful, hands-on information right at the onset of meeting vs. flashing your pearly whites and snazzy business card (which we’ve all been known to do).

A novel idea right? Let’s go over that again... providing clients with useful information right at the onset of meeting. Why was this not ever used, particularly in the world of Real Estate?! Why is this NEW?

Lots of reasons, but let’s just scratch the surface today. I’m sure many agents over the last 20yrs have employed this theory so we won’t discount their hard work and effort. But the main reason why Youtility is being forced to the table in the broad scheme of marketing these days has to do with the amount of useful information right at our client’s fingertips, literally.

I’ve found many times over the last 2-3yrs, when a client is interested in home, most folks will do some background work and likely know more about the property that they have dubbed #1 than I do, initially.

Case in point, I recently closed a transaction with a hardworking, single 22 year old man. We visited the home he was interested in purchasing twice, before he tossed around the idea of making an offer. As a foreclosure, we discussed potential pitfalls and what Fannie Mae would NOT be willing to do in the event something turned awry during his inspection period. During our second trip to the home, we climbed up into the attic (mainly him, I made it about halfway up before deciding I could see all I needed to see from there). It appeared as if the entire section above the living room and garage were new, considering this area also encased a chimney our collective curiosity was piqued. Before days end, he had found, through extensive internet research the home had a chimney fire several years prior to being foreclosed upon, not only that, but he knew every detail right down to how long it took crews to arrive on scene. Clients come to the table ready to ball in 2014 and if success is in your business plan, put your research cap on.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s many thought the career of the Realtor would drown with the level of information available. While that hasn’t happened, the ROLE of the agent has shifted. Often times we need to determine what type of client we have in front of us, is it:

A. The classic “old school” client who wants homes sent to them on a daily basis, riding together while scouting out homes and for you to let them know how many beds/baths each property has.


B. Today’s client, who has already narrowed the field down to 4-6 homes, they need Lending information, special programs, what areas those programs are available in. If they plan to sell in 5yrs what is the expected ROI? How many comparable homes have sold in the last 6mo and how long were those homes on the market? When did this home last sell and for how much?

It is imperative we know what we’re working with, and easy to chase off either type of prospective client by treating them with the wrong information.

Bottom line, Youtility is the next movement in sales/marketing. Do your homework and bring your “A” game to the table/open house/showing. I highly recommend Jay Baer’s book, Youtility for Real Estate: Why Smart Professionals Are Helping Not Selling.  


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Greg Hancock wrote: Nail on the head Jessica! Everyone is different and has their own "modus operandi" for how they go about finding a home or Realtor, but I don't care what industry you're in, being helpful pays you back over and over, and a boon to those you work with. You rock. Cheers!

Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at 11:34am.

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