Taxation without Representation

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Are Current Tax laws Unconstitutional? 

taxation without representation

A critical part of our constitution, there was to be no taxation with representation as back in the days of being under King George's rule.

As Realtors, we don't' just sell homes in one township, suburb, community or city, but work enough territory to suit our financial goals. Granted, not every state has as many municipalities as Ohio, however, if I sell a home in Dayton, but can't vote on Dayton's leadership, policies and issues because I live in Monroe, some 20 or so miles away, is it fair for me to pay city taxes for Dayton? Obviously, this practice effects more than just Ohio Realtors, but all kinds of small businesses and independent contractors.

Some younger readers may not be familiar with this concept, and I'm not even sure what they teach in schools anymore, but If you paid attention back when I was in grade school you learned about the Revolutionary War, and how unfair taxes and real estate laws were two of the biggest beefs our that motivated our countrymen to leave England and declare independence.

Or if I sell a condominium in Cincinnati, why do I have to pay city taxes if I'm not allowed to vote on Cincy's leadership, or vote on property taxes, city initiatives or anything else going on in the Queen City.

Ohio has hundreds of municipalities, villages and townships, and last year my business partner and I had to pay city taxes in 22 different communities but have a say in politics and policies in the city we live in.

This is basically Taxation without Representation, and it's one thing for a city to reach for revenue, but stay the hell out of my pocket unless I get to vote. Such practices contributed to early Americans rebelling against old King George, compelling them to leave England for better pastures.

There is already enough angst with laws closing in more and more as they circle our heads , choking off our freedoms. Like a cancer, when happening a little at a time, you don't notice until there's a real problem until it's pronounced and evidently harmful.

I encourage you to find a way to let your voice be heard. You could start with emailing your senator, for Ohio, that would be Senator Sherrod Brown.

2 Responses to "Taxation without Representation"

Sebastian Lowry wrote: Greg. You hit the nail on the head. It doesn't make sense for realitors to have to pay taxes in every single city they sell a house in. Tax, tax, taxes and more taxes. kinda makes one wanna get sick.

Posted on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 at 9:28am.

Greg Hancock wrote: Hello Sebastian,

Sorry for the slow reply, was on vacation, and thanks for the comment. It's ridiculous to me. It's just like politicians who say they'll do what we want, but once in office ... If I can't even get satisfaction from the ones we do vote for, it's ludicrous to pay taxes where you have no vote at all. Boo-Hiss!

Posted on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 4:39pm.

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