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Beavercreek's Luxury Homes Holding Interest

homes for sale in beavercreek ohio, beavercreek ohio luxury homesHello everyone, if you're not a Realtor, you may not understand what "shadow inventory" is. These are foreclosed properties banks hold back from the market, and homes for sale in Beaverceek Ohio and other Dayton Ohio real estate markets can be mildly to drastically affected by it.

I was asked recently by a buyer in the luxury market range for real estate in Beavercreek, Ohio if I thought house values in Dayton rising so dramatically would effect the Beavercreek Market. Interestingly, I had not one but two conversations with REO agents (they deal with prepping and listing foreclosed properties for banks) and had been told of large numbers of shadow inventory not yet in play in the Greater Dayton Metro area,

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Springboro Ohio Real Estate - Market Comparisons

homes for sale in springboro ohio, homes for sale dayton ohio, ohio real estateAnother year come and gone, and a rapidly changing landscape for Ohio real estate, including homes for sale in Springboro Ohio. Buyers are researching, planning, double-checking facts, budgets and credit scores. I've been asked quite a few times by buyers in the area if now is a good time to buy in several communities including Springboro, Beavercreek, Bellbrook and Centerville.

Factors that often don't receive enough attention that potential first time buyers may want to consider are: Unemployment, Recent Job Growth, Future Job Growth, Median Home Age, Median Home Cost, and the percentage of homes owned, rented and vacant.

These statistics via Sperling's best places paint a clearer picture of a

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Dayton OH real estate – Positive Economics

Dayton ohio real estate austin landingSeems like good news about jobs and economy around southwest Ohio and the Dayton area continue to trickle in, and time to share some more good news that will have a positive effect on homes for sale in Dayton and surrounding suburbs.

Miami Township's plans for Austin Landing are developing faster with more details about the project forthcoming as we enter the Fall season. Already a $15 million project, the development is now to include 270 residential units.

The overall picture is a "live, work and play environment" geared to attract and retain companies in the region per Bo Gunlock, the president of RG properties of Springboro.

Per the Dayton Daily News, the two projects were discussed yesterday at a

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Buying a Home: 5 Contract Bloopers

Buying a home realtor tipsWhen you think about buying a car, there's the fun part of looking at and test driving deals on wheels, but when a deal is initially struck, now comes the paperwork and more considerations. You get to make choices.

When you're buying a home, it's significantly different as once you're handed the keys there is no more room for change and no recourse. There's no lemon law for real estate.

Here are some examples of contract bloopers, and why choosing a Realtor carefully is important. As with any profession, you have varying levels of skill, expertise and knowledge. Our Realtors are frequently trained and mentored to continually raise the bar concerning care of clients and satisfaction.

Realtor Tips: Always Get

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Home Improvement for House Value: Mistakes Part Nine

home improvement kitchen cabinetsWelcome back, let's talk about cabinets. Now, in the spring season remodeling is all the rage with kitchens and bathrooms topping the list of what adds value and popularity. Keeping in mind how long you intend on living in the home, this is one project you should weigh carefully in terms of return on investment vs. just doing some inexpensive DIY things for a good face-lift on the existing cabinets.

The "Face Value of Cabinets"

For increased house value most will remodel the whole kitchen, perhaps enlarging it, installing a new garbage disposal, fixtures and appliance upgrades and this is great if you intend on buying a home, living in it for some time and then selling a home at a profit. However,

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Practice Real Estate with Honor

I am a brand new Realtor and the reason I am interested in Real Estate is because I have heard from dozens of friends who have purchased that they need an agent that they can trust. The thought and thrill of being part of this very exciting time in my clients lives and representing both sellers and buyers as best as I can while protecting my clients interests is why I have become a Realtor. Not to take advantage of people during one of the most exciting times in my clients lives. 

My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and a huge part of her job is teaching very basic right and wrongs in children's lives and to my benefit we have a very simple "Treat others as you would want to be treated" elementary philosophy, in my house. It

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Berkshire Hathaway Charities for Children

berkhshire hathaway homeservices charitiesI just love this company, and I knew when I made the switch it was the right decision. It's seems this company draws out the best in people, and actively involved with communities and giving back, especially to children. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and its many franchises have several programs targeting children as the beneficiaries.

Soul for Soles

On the 21st of June in just a few days' time for instance, our Regional Vice President and Partner Michael Smith, has sponsored a "Soul to Soles" 5k race, providing sneakers for under privileged kids in Lorain County Ohio. Participants can walk, stroll or run the distance. Too, anyone can participate in sponsorship and donation opportunities to help the kids

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Condos Rising in Popularity

I was checking out the latest on Bloomberg, and came across a tid or two about condos making a comeback and then started surfing online and found supporting evidence that condos are beginning to become popular once more. It seems that new condo towers are appearing fast from the East to West Coast. Developers have long held that these are a riskier type of residential property. 

One example is a new forty-one story tower in Seattle currently under construction and the largest condominium development in the city's history. Also, consider a 22 floor condo living building scheduled to begin later on this year and the city's high-rise condominium endeavor since 2005.

"Condos are regaining favor after a surge in rental demand

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Real Estate Technology - Differences over Drones

real estate drones selling a houseThe latest thing or a passing fad? Real estate drones, an expensive device much like a child's helicopter toy equipped with a video cam. First of all, drones might seem a little creepy, but they are sort of cool as well. But my question is, does it really help the client selling a home? Is it just a "hook" Realtors can use to get clients to work with them? It seems that drones are starting to be used more and more. But you may not want to spend on one just yet.

If you know anything about the internet, videos are take up a lot of memory and can be super slow if not done superbly by someone that really knows what they are doing, and too, whatever site the video will be displayed on also has to be

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Home Improvement 4 House Value; Mistakes Part Six

Good morning! We talked about High Tech House Wrecks in Part Five of Home Improvement for House Value, this morning I'd like to talk a little bit about adding "special purpose rooms". 

house value room additions"Special Purpose" Rooms

Many people have the impression that additional rooms naturally increases house value, well, not necessarily. My business partner and I work with not only a lot of first time buyers interested in Southern Ohio real estate, we also work with a lot of investors when these clients finish their work some turn around and want to sell.

I can tell you firmly, if you're going to add rooms, but you're intention is to sell at a profit down the road, stick with kitchens, bathrooms and if needed,

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