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Mortgage Fraud - Don't be a Victim!

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As promised, here's a follow-up post to my business partner's "Predatory Lending and Mortgage Fraud" article and if you're a buyer, seller, homeowner or a real estate agent, I recommend reading both posts.

Buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers and even real estate agents can unknowingly participate in mortgage fraud in addition to being a victim. The personal and financial loss for victims can be devastating and involvement with mortgage fraud isn't always obvious. You can bookmark this page for reference if you have current or future concerns.

Easy to Understand Examples & Red Flags

I want to share some "easy to understand" examples of mortgage fraud, but also the red flags that are top indicators something

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Predatory Lending & Mortgage Fraud


Mortgage Fraud can be committed by buyers or lenders, this post contains two videos; the first on a lender's role in fraud, and the second from the FBI regarding buyer's role in fraud. Mortgage fraud perpetrated by a lender can occur on an initial loan or during a loan modification or refinance.

Mortgage loan fraud occurs when false statements are made to qualify for a loan. A number of fraudulent practices can get real estate licensees in trouble. False statements include bogus earnest money deposits (double contracts or hidden contracts).

Don't be a Victim; Read my business partner's post on "March is Mortgage Fraud Prevention Month".

A second, undisclosed mortgage can be involved. For

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March is Mortgage Fraud Prevention Month.

It's that time of the year again to raise awareness and help consumers avoid becoming victims of mortgage fraud.

ohio real estate prevent mortgage fraudIdentity fraud, and mortgage fraud are generally the two types of fraud that buyers should be aware and wary of. It all boils down tricking a financial institution into lending money when it otherwise would not. It can be about a fraudster making a profit or an effort by someone to buy a house they can't really afford. 

There are many costs to society from mortgage fraud, consider the burden on lenders with payouts for defaulted loans to police and court costs to deal with the offenders. Common Sensae is your best protection if someone is trying to get you to complete a real estate deal through

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