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Get Top Dollar From the Sale of Your Home 

selling my home, sell my home, sell my home for moreHere are a few tips to help you get top dollar when you are selling your home. In addition to these seven simple tips, you may want to look at more articles in the sellers category of our company blog. These are also great tips for Realtors to share with their seller clients.

1. Remove half the contents of closets and cabinets. Taking out half of the contents, then organizing what remains, will make the spaces feel larger. On the other hand, a cluttered closet or cabinet will give the impression there isn’t enough storage space, a message you certainly do not want to send to prospective buyers.

2. Brighten up every room. Buy light bulbs with higher wattages, clean your windows, take down room darkening

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Is September a Prime Month for Buyers? 

best time to buy a home, buying a home, first time buyersWith summer ending, the fervor of home buying is dying down, which can be a good thing for buyers. A recent article in Daily Real Estate News noted that homebuyers looking to purchase during the off-season, particularly September, could have the upper hand.

Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for realtor.com, reported that supply rises in the late summer, providing buyers with more choices. In the third week of August, national inventory was at 1.91 million units, an increase of 21 percent since January.

“Normally inventory peaks in August and begins to slow as the nights grow longer,” Smoke says. “But this year the typical seasonal decline will start a bit later. There will be more choices in September than

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Avoid Homebuyer's Remorse

first time buyer, buying a home, first time home buyingBecause big purchases are tied to big expectations, you want to be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment when buying a home. A majority of homebuyers end up regretting at least one thing after moving into their new home. Most of the time, those regrets could have been avoided. For example, the most common complaints include the home not being big enough, the home not having enough closet space or enough bathrooms, being in a bad school district or having unpleasant neighbors. To help you avoid homebuyer’s remorse, here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a new home.

1. Take the time to research. Get online and research the neighborhood you are considering moving in to. Check out the schools, the

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Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

selling a home quickly, sell my home fast, selling a homeWhether you are selling your home during the peak home buying season or not, following these simple Realtor tips can help you sell your home quickly, which you know is every seller’s dream. If you're a Realtor working with a seller that's more "under-the-gun", these will help them successfully sell sooner, rather than later.

1. Make a good first impression. Take the time upfront to create some curb appeal. If prospective buyers drive by and don’t like what they see on the outside, they aren’t likely to take the time to look at the inside. Make sure your lawn is well maintained, plant some flowers, paint the fence, replace the mailbox--whatever it takes to give the best possible first impression.

2. Consider what

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Final Questions to Ask the Seller

buying a home questions, buying a home questions to ask sellersThere is a lot involved when buying a new home. Here are a few questions you will want to ask the sellers before they give you the keys to your new digs. Remembering these things will make settling into your new place a lot easier.

1. Do they have leftover paint? If you do not intend to repaint the entire house, it would be nice to know if they seller has any leftover paint. If they do not, perhaps they know the name of the color on the walls or can at least tell you what brand it is and where they bought it. Having leftovers will allow you to touch up without having to repaint the entire room.

2. Do they have instruction manuals or warranties on any of the appliances or other electrical items? If the

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Buying a Home: Understanding Earnest Money

earnest money, what is earnest money, how much earnest moneyOne confusing subject for many first time home buyers is earnest money. What is it? Is it necessary? How much? Will I get my earnest money back?

A simple way of understanding earnest money is to consider it as a "good faith" deposit on real estate to show sellers you're a committed buyer. Here in Ohio and in many states, earnest money is customarily between $500 and a $1,000, though for luxury properties or if a buyer finds a "must have" property, I've seen earnest checks up to $5,000. On most transactions here in the Buckeye state, $1,000 is usually sufficient.

An important part of the home buying process, let me take you back to the old west to paint an example for you. Let's say a rancher has a decent

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Housing Market Remains Strong across Ohio

southern ohio homes for saleThe housing market has been so strong over the past several months that some people are now talking about another “housing bubble”.  No one can accurately predict the future and yes, sometimes history does repeat itself. Let’s take a look at some actual statistics in various areas to see how things are shaping up.

The following statistics are being taken directly from the multiple listing service of Cincinnati. Some people do not like statistics while others love them.  

All of the statistics provided with be as of today’s date, August 4, 2015. I am calculating the results for single family, residential homes only.

Monroe Ohio Real Estate

Monroe Ohio currently has 50 active (for sale) homes. The

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R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents - G is for Guiding

good real estate agents, real estate agents in west chesterWell now, power outages, severe thunderstorms and down internet lately in Monroe, Ohio, but finally back for the 8th and final installment of R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents.

Guidance. Ever wish someone had guided you through something that seemed complex, intricate, difficult or loaded with grey area, obscure or difficult aspects. We all have, and at times guiding others based on our experiences. Many young people buying a used car with no experience in auto-mechanics will take a parent, relative or friend with them to inspect a car, in hopes of not "landing a lemon". 

With real estate though, there's no lemon law, only court. Add to that, ever wish someone had told you something earlier that

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Home Inspections; Unlike Cars, There isn't a House-Fax

should I have the home i'm buying inspectedIt still blows my mind that some buyers will forego home inspections to save a few hundred.  A large investment, possibly the biggest one of your lifetime, the old saying "buyer beware" and the following cautionary tales will spare you considerable grief.

Some buyers pass on home inspections when the home in question is brand new or recently built. Still a no-no, and can cost you dearly.

Should I have the Home I'm Buying Inspected?

Let me share a real-life horror-story:

For example, my business partner Marty Snyder had a client that recently bought a new home, and you'd think it would be properly constructed. Well, after a year of living in the home, Marty's client noticed some buckling

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Real Estate is a Lot Like Sex

real estate blogs, first time home buying, real estate is like sexI generate business for my business partner Marty Snyder and for agents on our team at this company and I thought I'd share some fun but true insights for buyers that come from talking to a lot of them initially, and the intriguing conversations Marty has with clients after I refer them to him.

Agents talk all the time about the "emotional roller coaster" many first time home buyers find themselves on, and like sex it can be good, mediocre or bad. At the end, as with any relationship, you hope it's an ongoing, good and fulfilling experience.


The prospect is what's so exciting, isn't it? Some say it's the thrill of the chase, but unlike most romantic interludes, the price tag of a home is a lot more than

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