SummerTime Work/Life Balance

Posted by Jessica Botkin on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 8:31am.    1270 Views

Vacation Fantasies Consume Us 

At the onset of warm weather the first thought that consumes all adult working individuals is a vacation. Nothing is more temping than the thought of a getaway complete with sandy beaches, roaring waves or backpacking through gorgeous mountains.

Summer on the HorizonIf you are lucky enough to be an entrepreneur, the typical mental debate of coordinating your holiday with co-workers or keeping a tally of your remaining number of vacation days does not exist.  It seems as if, to the rest of society, we can be as free as the wind.

The life of an entrepreneur in the summer varies as much as our individual lives, but, for the majority of us the work life balance becomes a struggle. Many different factors play a part in our distraction and daydreams….from a sun-kissed backyard pool, to the lure of exciting adventures with our children, to maybe even running off with our favorite person for several days at a time.

The Struggle is Real

What can we do to experience the BEST of both work and “fun” life during the summer?

Stick to somewhat of a schedule, if you’re an early riser, get up and do your normal thing. Studies have shown the most successful CEO’s adhere to their schedules more often than not, even on weekends. Most plug in and knock out an hour or two of work before others have risen for the day giving them the ability to focus that is simply not found during the typical workday hours. Herein lies the CEO edge, focus & discipline. The old adage, work hard, play harder comes to mind.

Finish your “have-tos.” So we are heading back to Pre-K for this one, shrug, truth can be found in the early rules of life! Nothing is worse than knowing there are things you HAVE to do staring you down later in the day. How to really knock it out of the park? Start with the task you are dreading the most, first. The others will seem easy and you’ll feel accomplished right out of the gate.

Schedule your fun time and put down the huge time suck we call social media. Scheduling “fun time” may not sound like much fun….allow me to change your mind. First, you’ll know you have this activity, downtime, vacation (whatever) on the horizon. Who doesn’t love a little anticipation?! Secondly, scheduling time outside of work will allow you to be better focused on your work at hand. In this social media ADD induced society; he/she is that the most focused and driven wins.

Cheers to a summer perfectly balanced summer filled with working hard and playing even harder!


Jessica Botkin

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2 Responses to "SummerTime Work/Life Balance"

marie wrote: absolutely refreshing! I never seem to take time off unless I plan for it, but so tempting to keep putting it off and then ..... burnout!

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 11:25am.

Greg Hancock wrote: Hey Jessica, LOL, I'm guilty! It's too true, unless Marty and I fight for time off and away it just doesn't happen. Yes, Marie: burnout happens, :) Balance is so important, especially if you want to keep loving what you do. Great read!

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 11:32am.

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