Stability in 2015

Posted by Juanita Limes on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 7:36am.    1173 Views

90% of Mortgaged Homes Enjoying Equity Again

Wondering if it's a good time to buy a home? I see a lot of buzz  and optimistic speculation about Ohio real estate and national housing about loosening lending policies, an economy gaining steam, and more online activity from buyers. 

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I wanted, however, to add more concrete to the idea about buying a home in 2015, that being the fact that wrapping up 2014 shows 90% of mortgaged homeowners are now enjoying equity. 

I was reading on's news feed and saw this; 

"About 273,000 homes returned to positive equity in the third quarter of 2014, bringing the total to 44.6 million of all properties with a mortgage, according to a newly released equity report from CoreLogic using data from the third quarter of 2014. That number represents around 90 percent of all mortgaged properties nationwide.

If home prices rose by 5 percent more—which is largely predicted to happen this year—an additional 1 million home owners now in negative equity would also move into positive territory, CoreLogic reports."

You might enjoy the full article.

My colleague and friend, Greg Hancock recently posted an article "2015 Housing Market - A Good Time to Buy a Home?" and it's clear from the video of Chief Economist Lawrence Yun predicting home values will likely rise to meet that five percent. That is a huge number of homeowners seeing value and equity for their investment and a trend that's likely to continue. 

I've been helping people buy and sell homes all over the greater Dayton area for over two decades now, and based on my experience and on what I see in "news-land" that this is perhaps one of the best times to buy a home in my career. Several friends of mine that are homeowners have shared they are seeing household financial improvements lately with gained equity and credit some refinancing to lower their monthly payments.

I help people with luxury homes and starters for frugal first timers, but with buyers beginning to come out of the woodwork, this question is increasingly asked, and my answer remains the same.

I'd like to work with you and I'll be glad to help;  ask as many questions as you like. 


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Greg Hancock wrote: Hey Juanita! Love it, and thanks for the reference to my post about buying in 2015. Marty and I mostly sell quite a ways south of you, more in the Cincinnati area, but I'm so glad to have a Realtor with your skills to send our Dayton area referrals to. Hard to beat 20+ years of experience girl! Life love and keep you, and thanks for saving our buyers some substantial coin on their purchases!

Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at 11:26am.

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