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Treat Social Media Like a Billboard

 - Be Ignored Like a Billboard

social media for realtors, social media, social media for real estateSocial media, a "buzz" word in the real estate industry. Are you frustrated by it? Not getting traffic? Not working out like you planned?

So many real estate agents don't get it, but not just real estate agents. Lots of professionals bomb badly when it comes to social media.

Now, I've made my fair share of mistakes, and in eagerness to start sharing my stuff to be hopefully shared by others I have definitely been guilty of the Social Billboard Syndrome and the vaccination against this boring condition is called engagement. Keep in mind, I've only been doing this for my current brokerage about two years, and a huge amount of my time goes to working on our company website, training agents on working internet leads and use of various technology.

Social Media Billboard Syndrome Explained:

real estate blog, social media, social media for realtorsI'd say I've had great success with our main Business Facebook Page, closing in on 10,000 likes, fans and followers, and consequently have built another 20 pages that are percolating nicely. But like Twitter, when I first started using Facebook  and other social media I was clueless and apparently had Social Media Billboard Syndrome.

social media for realtors, social media, real estate blogsTake a long look at people that follow you on Twitter or look up 50 people that are in your industry, go to their profiles and look at their tweets. Do you see them re-tweeting other people's content? Or do you just see tweet after tweet of that user's content? Notice those people don't have many follows or people re-tweeting them.

real estate blogs, real estate blogging, social media for real estate agentsSo, now notice those that re-tweet others a lot, comment and favorite or add to lists have a lot more followers while Twitter users that just post exclusively their own content have much less followers and much fewer re-tweets. They are in essence; boring, like a billboard you pass a hundred times a year and never notice, unremarkable as advertising on the side of a pen on someone else's desk. As webmaster of, and a real estate team and brokerage to feed, I can't afford to be a micro-piece of advertising on someone else's desk.

real estate blogging, real estate blog ideas, social media for realtorsYes my social-verse compadres, engaging in social media does not mean slapping up a profile somewhere and being narcissistic with your posts. You will waste your time while your more friendly and social competitors pass you by. Heck, I share quality content written by other agents in other brokerages and ours', along with real estate, house and home, lawn and garden, realty humor and fun stuff too, don't forget food! I'll be darned, people like me for it. Go figure. 

real estate blog ideas, social media for real estate agentsI've also noticed some people only re-tweet what you've re-tweeted of theirs, and that's just shredded tweet. You'll grow, but not as fast if that's all you ever twiddle with. Case and point, I sometimes slip into Social Media Billboard Syndrome, but broke back out of it last week on Twitter and achieved over 500 new followers in a few days @BHHS_Ohio.

social media real estate, real estate blogsThe point is all about being (key-term here) social.  Take our company real estate blog for instance, a young blog being only a couple year's old now, but averaging about 35,000 views a month and growing fast. But that's because I get these posts shared as a natural courtesy of other's whose content I've happily shared or commented on. Of course, providing unique, quality content is key.

Probably my least favorite media is Google Plus, though, a strong and necessary part of the picture. Once I get a few more "irons out of the fire" and lay some other projects to rest, I'll be spending a lot more time with our Google Plus page and outreach. Still, not bad with about 1,300 followers and closing in on one million views we still get good traffic to our real estate site.

You shouldn't be afraid to mix a little business with your personal profiles, as with Facebook; what you do for a living, after all, is very much a part of you. One way I like to look at it, one fifth business on my personal wall, shared from my business page(s) and one fifth business on business pages and the rest just fun or useful.

I'll  be posting soon about Choosing a Brokerage, stay tuned, but what a real estate company offers should include strong social media support and a key service to look for. I intend on going into what to look for in a brokerage in great detail, including social media support.

Stay in touch if you like, I'm on Facebook, also, if you're a real-estate-related professional, (like a loan officer, inspector, appraiser) and like to blog, you can guest blog here on our site, hit me up and I can show you our tools. We publish guest bloggers' posts throughout our social media, and have a variety of topics. Ask me if you'd like to add another category. Your author bio and blog signature can have links to your site(s) and services.

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Chelle and Melle Wiggins wrote: You definitely do a lot for all of the agents coming into the Berkshire Hathaway family and we all appreciate what you do! You do a tremendous job! Thank you :-)

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2015 at 12:18pm.

Greg Hancock wrote: Thanks Chelle and Melle, :) I love what I do .... there's no reason for a real estate agent to ever lack paychecks. Cheers!

Posted on Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 7:06pm.

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