Smart Houses Start to Trend Upwards

Posted by JoAnn Doss on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 6:35am.    2176 Views

Realtors and Smart Homes; Change is in the Wind.

Ohio homes and real estate get smart.All things change, and as we age, we face a constant barrage of new things to get used to. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and don't want to learn new technology. I just got used to my fancy new "smart remote" for my HD-3D-New-Fangled-Smart-TV. Personally, that was a real victory for me. Do you remember when cars started having key-less starts, then back up cameras with proximity warnings, and now you nearly need a class and certification to figure out using a radio.

Homes are changing. While a lot of trends have been affecting real estate, from lending policies and bank inventories to job and employment reports, one trend that many might not see coming that will have a profound impact over the years to come is the fact that houses are getting smarter. Have you noticed on television, ads of parents locking up the house, even turning off faucets with their smart phones. We've been seeing that only for a while, but it's just the beginning.

Realtors will do well to study and educate themselves about this trend. Newer, younger, tech savvy buyers are hitting the market every day, and eventually the right type of housing inventory will catch up. Too, sellers may find themselves facing the advice to upgrade their home's technology before putting it on the market to remain competitive.

Chad Curry, managing director for the Center for Realtor Technology, recently described the "Interactive Smart Home" and why this an important topic for real estate professionals to stay on top of. Curry gives three reasons why real estate pros should be familiar with connected devices: Familiarity with these devices will benefit you as a member when talking to buyers and sellers about quick and easy upgrades. Younger buyers are familiar with these technologies, and having knowledge of these products will help you connect. It could change the way you do stagings and lighting if you're listing a home or in the staging business.


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