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Selling A Home; Minor Improvements vs. Remodeling

My 25+ years of experience has clearly shown me that sellers that would like to get some boost to value while also increasing general appeal are typically better off with some minor cosmetic improvements vs. major remodeling projects.

Selling a home dayton ohio real estateClients and their Realtors along with other professionals like interior decorators who've been involved with a home sale yielding good or desired net will testify that lower cost fixes like fresh paint, light landscaping and similar affordable projects that won't break the bank will add plenty of perceived value and appeal to a home.

Affordable real estate improvements:

Major remodeling and large projects' increase in value or perceived value typically aren't worth it when you weigh the cost, time and effort in retrospect.

Some of the smallest, easy and do-it-yourself items can create and hold a lot more interest from buyers. 

  • Starting with curb appeal, put yourself in the driver's seat, literally, and ask yourself what you see as you drive up to the home and park. Some fresh flowers, perhaps in colorful pots and a fresh coat of paint on the front gate, mailbox, stair railings or door can go a long ways. 
  • Speaking of  paint, painting can be a minor but frugal miracle for some houses, and helps to improve not only the look, but buyers notice the smell of fresh paint over other potentially undesirable odors (go light on scents when showing, don't let the home reek like perfume factory.). As usual, neutral colors are best.
  • Minor updates throughout the home including kitchen and bathroom can go a long ways. You may want to update hardware on cabinets, tasteful, simple and updated light fixtures, door doorknobs and handles can do a lot in addition to paint.
  • Get rid of clutter (including the outside clutter like garbage cans/bins, toys, boxes, personal photos and knick-knacks. Buyers want to imagine their lives in your home, and a few well staged items go a long way, a color piece of wall art, a tall plant to soften a corner, perhaps a lamp with a bright shade and some pretty piece for a coffee table help, however simpler is better and less is usually more. If appliances and furniture have already been removed, buyers can overlook it if the spaces are clean. Consider some thrifty buys at a second hand store or garage sale to help state the property well on a budget.
  • Granite counter tops in the kitchen still seem to be highly desirable, and sometimes, Corian, quartz, wood and marble can be just as desirable or affordable depending, and doesn't require redoing the entire kitchen. The higher end finishes are sometimes not worth it, and stick to general appeal and qualit.. Stainless steel appliances are always popular, even if not top of the line or high end.


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charlene wrote: omigosh u have no idea how much i appreciate this. my mother is selling her home indiana and was going to do a ton of remodeling because she is nervous about selling and cant really afford to do it so i shared this with her.

thank you thank you thank you!

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at 9:47am.

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