Selling a Home During the Holidays

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Decorating - Selling a Home During the Holidays

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Many might say that you should never sell your home during the holidays. But there are, in fact, advantages to putting your home on the market during the holidays.

There is less inventory out there on the market so you have less competition if you list during the holidays.

Those that are shopping for a home during the holidays are serious contenders. And of course, our favorite advantage is that staging your home takes on an entirely different level and is easier to create that warm, fuzzy connection with buyers!

Keep holiday home décor to a minimum

But like anything, things can go seriously wrong when decorating your home for the holidays if you are listing it for sale. The holiday décor in this photo might be a bit too much? What do you think?

We have taken the time to provide you with an easy checklist of things to do and not to do when decorating while selling.

home decor, home staging, holiday decor

Much like staging your home outside of the holiday season, your décor should be paired down so that buyers can see the home and not your stuff. During the holidays, the same applies.

First, put away all of your everyday décor. Then be very selective of the holiday décor you bring out.

Remember not everyone celebrates the same holidays that you do so refrain from putting out religious items.

Use the Tree to Your Advantage

selling a home, home decor, treeThe tree is not only an important holiday focal point but critical when staging to sell your home. The placement and size are important. Make sure you are not blocking pathways, doorways, and prime selling features of your home with the tree.

The tree can be either theme-related or a traditional family tree. Keep in mind the color scheme of your home and try to coordinate the tree with the style and color of the home. For example, if your home is rustic in style, avoid placing a modern, white glittery tree. Or if your home is a neutral traditional style home, but your family loves putting up a bright pink tree, this year might be the year that you keep that tree in storage and go with a traditional style tree.

If your tree style is a family tree, make sure you do not over-clutter the tree with the kid's hand-crafted ornaments. Instead place only a select few. Also, make sure there are no kid photos or names on the ornaments to ensure safety of your family – keep those tucked away this year.

Lastly, avoid putting a tree up in every room. Opt instead for alternative holiday décor pieces or arrangements. Don't overwhelm potential buyers with a holiday home tour of your Christmas trees!

Neutral Alternative Holiday Home Décor Ideas

home staging, home decor, holiday wreathWreaths, poinsettias and lights are great alternatives to decorating your home for the holidays while remaining neutral and widely accepted by many. The same rules apply for these items, in that they should be simply and tastefully done. Strategically placed wreaths can add a sense of warmth and welcome to front entries or top of mantel areas.

selling a home, home staging, holiday wreathPoinsettias add a nice pop of color for very little expense. They come in a variety of sizes and colors so if you are not a fan of the traditional red there are alternative options that can blend well with many homes. These are nice for difficult spots such as bathrooms, kitchens and front entries.

Lighting is a key element of creating an inviting and welcoming space when staging. During the holidays the extra use of soft, ambient lighting can play a large advantage for your home in softening the edges of your home and creating a warm environment. Going overboard with Christmas lights will not play in your favor so, make sure you use them sparingly and tastefully.

Holiday Home Decor - Arrangements

home decor, home staging, holiday arrangementsThe holidays presents many great ways to assemble arrangements with very little expense or time.

Use items you already have such as holiday balls in a clear glass vase, fresh cut pine arranged in a wooden crate, box or vase, or pine cones spray painted to fit your color scheme.

The possibilities are endless. Be creative but selective. Don't cover every surface in your home – buyers want to see those surfaces!

Holiday Home Staging - The Outside

The holidays typically present some extra challenges with regards to the out-of-doors here in Ohio. Keep your walkways, decks and porches free and clear of snow and ice. Utilize the holiday lights outside but again, in a simple and tasteful manner. Pine, pinecones and berries are another easy way to decorate outside.

selling a home, home staging, holiday lighting

If you are considering selling your home during the holidays, don't despair - it could be the best marketing advantage you have! Use these suggestions to inspire and guide you as you share the holidays with selling your home.


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