Selling a Home Creating Appeal

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Staging Your Home for a Quicker Sale

selling a home quickly, sell my home fastIf you are planning to sell your home, you probably want to sell it quickly. It is common knowledge that a well-staged home is more likely to appeal to potential buyers. At the same time, if your home isn’t staged well, you could give the wrong first-impression and delay the sale of your property. So, when staging your home for sale, here are a few tips to follow. You may want to check out more Seller Topics.

Have you ever heard the expression "It's 20% product and 80% marketing"? This is true to a large degree in real estate sales too. Besides having to meet a prospective buyer's needs with space, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. the home must be marketed effectively.

That includes several good pictures (we recommend at least 20), and / or a virtual tour like these 3D videos we provide as a service to our seller clients: 3D Luxury Home Tours

However, pictures of blank, empty rooms don't hold near the appeal of rooms that have been properly staged, and more so in person with prospective buyers. Staging a home doesn't have to be expensive or a huge undertaking, and more often as not, produces more interested buyers and interest in a property.

  1. Remove your personal items. You want potential homebuyers to be able to easily envision your home as their own. Take down your family photos, religious and political items, and anything else that has the potential to offend a prospective buyer.
  2. Don’t be deceptive. If there are major issues, particularly health or safety hazards, do not try to conceal them. Either spend the money to make the necessary repairs or disclose the issues and adjust the asking price accordingly.
  3. Use real flowers or plants. Fake flowers are tacky and do not add value to your home. Buy real flowers. Or, if you don’t want to replace flowers to keep them fresh, buy some low maintenance houseplants.
  4. Don’t overdo the fragrances. You want your home to smell pleasant, but keep the scents light and neutral. Over-using fragrances can be a turn-off for potential homebuyers.
  5. Fill empty rooms. Empty rooms seem smaller when there is nothing in them to give homebuyers a basis of comparison. If it's a living room, put a couch in it. If it's the dining room, set up a table with chairs.
  6. Clean and de-clutter. While you don’t want an empty room, you also do not want a room that is cluttered. Don’t assume they can look beyond your mess and see your home's potential. Make sure your home is neat and clean – this is the easiest part of staging.

Check out this simple example of before and after for this bathroom, what a difference!

selling a home, home staging, selling a home quickly

Remember, as sellers, you are working for your potential buyers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but if you do a little work and give them what they want, you will be rewarded with good offers and a quicker sale.

If you're selling a home in Southwestern Ohio, Dayton to Cincinnati and would like a 3D tour of your home and / or staging, my business partner and I can market your home across scores of internet sites, social media channels with considerable audiences and place your property in front of interested, qualified buyers.

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