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Get Top Dollar From the Sale of Your Home 

selling my home, sell my home, sell my home for moreHere are a few tips to help you get top dollar when you are selling your home. In addition to these seven simple tips, you may want to look at more articles in the sellers category of our company blog. These are also great tips for Realtors to share with their seller clients.

1. Remove half the contents of closets and cabinets. Taking out half of the contents, then organizing what remains, will make the spaces feel larger. On the other hand, a cluttered closet or cabinet will give the impression there isn’t enough storage space, a message you certainly do not want to send to prospective buyers.

2. Brighten up every room. Buy light bulbs with higher wattages, clean your windows, take down room darkening drapes, do everything you can to brighten all the rooms in your house. A bright, cheery home is more attractive to buyers than a dark and dreary one.

3. Remove all pets and their paraphernalia. You might love your 4-legged friends, but not all homebuyers will. Be sure that dogs, cats and other critters are not in the house when prospective homebuyers are, and all their food bowls, litter boxes and other items should be removed also. Take the time to sweep, dust and lint-roll away any pet hair, and give the furniture a shot of Febreze to remove pet odors.

4. Take the time to make repairs and upgrades. Huge improvements aren’t likely to pay off, but little quick fixes can. A fresh coat of paint, clean curtains, new cabinet hardware, clean grout and other little things don’t cost you much, but will help attract more buyers and bring higher bids.

5. De-personalize your house. You want buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, so get rid of your family photos, religious or political things, memorabilia and other personal items. You may also consider hiring a stager to come rearrange your furniture to be sure that the space in every room is maximized.

6. Keep your house “show-ready” all day, every day. This is inconvenient, but you never know when a buyer is going to want to see your house. Keep your house dusted, dishes done, floors clean, bathrooms sparkling and so-on.

7. Take the time to work on the curb appeal of your property. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Buyers will be judging your house before they ever reach your front door. Make sure the grass is mowed, shrubs are trimmed, and sidewalks are cleared. Consider planting some brightly colored flowers, make sure windows are clean, and there’s no peeling paint because it is difficult for buyers to overcome a bad first impression.

Though sometimes a bit inconvenient, these tips will help you get top dollar when selling your home, and get it sold faster than if you had not heeded our advice.

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