Real Estate Ethics

Posted by Bryan Barker on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 at 10:30am.    1468 Views

Practice Real Estate with Honor

I am a brand new Realtor and the reason I am interested in Real Estate is because I have heard from dozens of friends who have purchased that they need an agent that they can trust. The thought and thrill of being part of this very exciting time in my clients lives and representing both sellers and buyers as best as I can while protecting my clients interests is why I have become a Realtor. Not to take advantage of people during one of the most exciting times in my clients lives. 

My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and a huge part of her job is teaching very basic right and wrongs in children's lives and to my benefit we have a very simple "Treat others as you would want to be treated" elementary philosophy, in my house. It is just that simple. Hold ourselves with integrity and absolute honesty in everything that we do. Most agents that I have met have the same character and I am honored to be part of a career that is filled with agents interested in the best interests  of others than the interests of themselves. 

How can I tell if my agent is a bad apple?

Go into your real estate interviews with the complete understanding that you are the boss. You call the shots from who represents you to how they will represent you. As any Realtor (worth working with) will explain to you, your interests are the single most important thing to us and that is our sole priority.  Make sure you have an agent that is sharing this kind of philosophy with you upon your first meeting. Much like a new boss executing an interview, you may ask for referrals from past clients as well. This is a very powerful resource for you to use to ensure they have clients comparable to that of your property that were satisfied with how your potential agent does business.  Also, use your gut check. You know if it feels right when you talk to an agent and when it does jump all in. Trust in that agent as they will most likely do right by you and your family.  Keep in mind that less than 30% of consumers choosing a Realtor don't have confidence in choosing the "right person" for the job. However, after deals have been reached 85% would consider or will use that agent for all future real estate deals and will oftentimes consider the agent a very close friend. 

Why the bad rap?

There are, no doubt, thousands of horror stories in the house buying world and it is unfortunate that those are the stories that can surface online more than the wins. Unfortunately we live in a "just my luck" society that thinks "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." This kind of stinking thinking gets us all nowhere and has most people constantly believing the worst in people.There are agents that don't have ethics and I have heard several stories about these people. It is my most sincere belief that there are way more honorable agents that hold themselves with the highest level of  integrity because I have met hundreds of them in a very short time in this industry. Agents that are willing to offer support even when there is nothing in it for them other than to see me succeed. Agents that will leave their dinner table if it means offering best in class assistance to their clients. Agents that will do whatever it takes to make sure their clients know that they have their agents working for them at anytime of the day.

Real Estate Ethics ARE Strong. 

Great agents exist. Most agents will represent your needs over anybody else's including their own and you can believe in the best of people when dealing with most Realtors. If you find that you have hired a real estate agent to work in your best interest and they do not do just that, by all means, fire them and file a complaint or just move on. Much like a corporate company, there are satisfaction departments for Realtors to ensure client satisfaction and they are very good at making sure they  investigate all claims against all agents and making sure appropriate disciplinary actions are taken when necessary. So by all means, jump right in, find a realtor, and learn why 85% of people who work with an agent refer their agentsAfter they sell or buy their home.

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Greg Hancock wrote: Bryan, love this! My business partner Marty and I have been at this for so long now, and every so often we come across an agent with "questionable" practices, or hear their own client complaining about them.

Nailed it on the head, honor is so important in any profession, and especially ours'. Cheers!

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 7:18am.

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