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The state of Ohio requires that,  in order to become a licensed real estate agent, one must complete a course of study, pass an exam, and be accepted by a real estate Broker as an upstanding citizen.  There are also requirements for the licensed agent to be further educated on a tri-annual basis in order to keep their license.  Any agent who only meets these minimum requirements should not be referring to themselves as professional.

Real Professionals Maximize Their Continuing Education

Every real estate agent that I work with must meet certain criteria before I begin to think of them as a professional.  Yes, I said think of them as such because there is no rule or law preventing anyone from claiming to be a professional in any endeavor, real estate included.

A professional Realtor is one who knows and abides by the Standard of Practices of the National Association of Realtors, the Cannon of the State of Ohio, and the rules and regulations of their local Board of Realtors.  They are also steadfast in their representation of their clients, committed to keeping up on the changes in the industry, have an intense knowledge of the market and all factors that affect the market, and strive to learn new ways to better serve those that they represent.

More on my thoughts about being professional here:

Most New Learning is Free (And Includes Food)

Real estate agents are always being subjected to questions from their clients and other members of the industry about a vast array of subjects.  Professionals understand this and work to increase their knowledge of the many possibilities at every opportunity.   One of the biggest attractions for every agent is that of the opportunity to learn and  get free food.  The housing industry has so many different types of services that, if you work it right, you can get at least free doughnuts daily!

I am writing about this as my lasagna digests.  Servpro, a fantastic clean-up company, just fed us lunch and discussed with us the many things that they can do for our clients.  Although not completely bribed, I appreciated their honesty and have a history of working with them on some very large flood damaged projects.  

If Your Agent is at Least Slightly Overweight, Question Their Education

I personally am about 15 pounds heavy and very well educated.

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