Putting a Home up For Sale

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Selling a Home? What's the Plan?

selling a home marketingI was reading one of my colleague's posts, Jessica Botkins on FSBO'ing, and why it's just not a good idea for those that want to really market a home and get the most net possible in their time frame to sell (yes, a home can have different price ranges based on time factors).

I wanted to add a bit to that, and share a video (below) from Fox 45 News.

There's a ton of good information on this site about preparing to sell, proper staging and curb appeal tips, however, one key factor in getting your home sold is the Realtor you use to get the job done. There's much more to it than just sticking a sign in the yard, and selling a home isn't like selling a set of wheels on a used car lot (analogy for open houses).

First, there's a lot of competition, so, merely sticking a sign in the yard just isn't going to cut it, and how many home owners know how to effectively use social media and internet marketing to sell their property? There's also the matter of choosing a Realtor, and one of the bigger questions.

The video below from Fox News with advice from Mark Kottman of the Dayton Area Board of Realtors and John North of the Better Business Bureau make some good points. Realtors know how to overcome objections and something home owners in general just don't understand. I almost had to laugh a bit about the part stating that everyone loves the home in the sellers' point of view, they just don't realize every buyer is going to find fault with their home and it goes unspoken. Sellers have emotional attachment to their property, whereas professionals don't, and that makes a huge difference.


The funny thing is, buyers are going to find fault with 99% of all the homes they see and pick the best one, negotiating as best they or their Realtor can. It's getting to the bottom of those objections with questions, garnering feedback and following up. Something home owners just aren't going to do. Realtors know the legal components of the transaction to get the job done and work together so both buyer and seller obtain their goals.

When you're choosing a Realtor, choose one with a good track record and an agent that is responsive. If they are not answering your calls and emails in a timely manner, will they be answering calls and email inquiries about your home in a timely manner? That's very important, because when buyers don't get an answer right away, they tend to move on. It's key to keep their attention focused on your property once they've asked about it.

Research a Realtor; Google their name plus "Realtor" and see what comes up, visit their Facebook and Google Plus pages, investigate what more they do aside from a sign in the yard. You  want to make sure the home will go on a local, reputable brokerage site. There's a lot of great brokerage sites like ours that are local, and out-perform national and E-commerce sites like Zillow.

Speaking of Zillow, bad idea, don't worry about being found on Zillow and other E-commerce sites. There are scores of other ways to market and effectively display your home prominently. Besides, you don't want Zillow saying your home is $50,000 more or $50,000 less that what its fair market value is. If "Zillow's Zestimate" is way less, buyers are going to want to pay less, and if it's too low or a lot higher, qualified buyers in your homes target price range won't find it, because it's not in the price range they are looking for.

My business partner Greg Hancock wrote a revealing, insightful post about the inaccuracies of Zillow, and how "whacked" their idea of house value is. This example was a local Ohio home and Zillow was over $80.000 off the mark. If you follow some of the links on that post, you'll see it's not just one case, but an overall national trend. More and more, Realtors are turning away from Zillow.

How Accurate are Zestimates?

Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Professional Realty, properties go on our local brokerage site, (this one) and our national site as well, and then our Realtors use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and a variety of other channels to reach out to their pool of buyers. I love that we here at this brokerage share knowledge including listings and buyers looking for home with a certain set of criteria and we network with each other. A good strong brand name is also helpful in getting a property sold.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight about selling a home and choosing a Realtor.

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Diane wrote: Marty, what a way to start Monday. Great read! I agree with you. There is so much to be said for hiring "the right person to get the job done." For any bad comment I hear of realtors, I know there are so many realtors that do their job with pride and take care of their clients in every aspect of the deal. Make your life simple. Hire a professional to do what they are trained to do. Sell houses! Thanks Marty

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 9:43am.

Marty Snyder wrote: Good morning, Diane. I'm glad that you appreciated the post and as always, I appreciate your comments and insight. Have a beautiful day!!!

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 10:02am.

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