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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Today, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty gains two offices in Granville and New Albany, formerly under Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Integrity One, REALTORS. The merge is an anticipated step forward for the growth of the Columbus region – a step that showcases Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as an emerging market leader in the area.

Patti Urbatis, owner of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Integrity One, REALTORS franchise, will continue to lead her real estate team based in the Granville office. Rob Matney, Regional Director of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty will oversee the additional offices.

“The presence and market together are one piece of the equation, but it allows agents to share

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Home Buying Blunders

home buyers that fail, home buying, home buying failuresHaving worked with many buyers, my business partner Marty Snyder (one of Ohio's top Realtors) have put together a list of "Home Buying Blunders" that's a must read for anyone considering buying a home for the first time.

First off I can tell you that half the battle and a lot of the blunders are in preparation or lack thereof:

Home Buying Failures

1. Credit - Putting off making sure your credit in good order is no doubt one item that for many takes the longest. This means paying bills on time, knowing how to manipulate your credit card history, taking care of erroneous information etc.

Fabulous Tips on Protecting and Building Your Credit

2. Debt - Getting a handle on debt naturally follows good credit practices. Many

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Home Buying Tips for Newlyweds

home buying, first time buyer, first time home buying

Often, one of the first major life steps that newlyweds must make as a couple is buying a first home together. An incredibly important step for anyone, this decision is often a first-time experience as well as choice with very expensive price tag!  A newly married couple would be well served to embrace caution before starting their climb on the property ladder, and to follow these 4 home-buying tips:


1. List Out Your Priorities : The consequences of buying the wrong home in the wrong location are much more far-reaching than almost any family purchase, so the first step towards buying a home as a new couple is to determine the “must have” features.  The most common and important priorities to consider are home

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TRID ChangesHow TRID Babies Are Progressing

Better late than never! After careful evaluation I decided to watch these TRID babies make their way into the first month of life and report on how they are actually faring on the journey to closing table. No surprise here but...it's  a mixed bag folks. As stressed in prior blogs, it is imperative to have a team of well-educated professionals on your side who truly understand the TRID changes and how to appropriately set everyone's expectations in order to avoid the dreaded 11th hour fallout. 

Cleverly Concoct Your Plan

When interviewing lenders (which you ARE doing...correct?!) be sure to ask pointed questions. Lindsey Akers of Prime Lending states, "any lender can quote fees, rates and basically take the

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Home Ownership Boosts Net Worth

house value, home worth, homeownership net worth, house value net worthReal estate, it's tangible, an asset, a possession with intrinsic and fundamental value. Studies have shown home owners enjoy a much greater net worth over renters on average.

There are numerous benefits to owning your own home, and according the the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, on of the greatest benefits is, of course, financial.

Looking back over the last 15 years, and a time frame that also includes the housing and real estate crisis of 2008-2009, the net worth of a typical homeowner fell between 31 and 46 times greater than that of a typical renter.

The median home homeowner in this time period enjoyed nearly $200,000 in net worth while the median renter realized just over $5,000. 


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Get Top Dollar From the Sale of Your Home 

selling my home, sell my home, sell my home for moreHere are a few tips to help you get top dollar when you are selling your home. In addition to these seven simple tips, you may want to look at more articles in the sellers category of our company blog. These are also great tips for Realtors to share with their seller clients.

1. Remove half the contents of closets and cabinets. Taking out half of the contents, then organizing what remains, will make the spaces feel larger. On the other hand, a cluttered closet or cabinet will give the impression there isn’t enough storage space, a message you certainly do not want to send to prospective buyers.

2. Brighten up every room. Buy light bulbs with higher wattages, clean your windows, take down room darkening

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Buy a Cheap House, Do my Own Repairs, Save Money?

buy a cheap house, buying a foreclosure, buying a fixer upperAh, so many have dreamed it; buying a cheap house with potential and fixing it up themselves.

That would be ideal for some, for others it can possibly mean biting off more than one can comfortably chew. There's another common problem inherit with that idea for most, however.

Unless you can purchase in cash, you cannot do the repairs yourself. The FHA (Federal Housing Authority) doesn't allow buyers to perform their own repairs if they are financing any portion of the sale and work must be done by FHA certified contractors. It doesn't matter what lender you use either, the rules are the same.

Before you get saddened by this fact, understand a couple of things and there's good news too. First,

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Is September a Prime Month for Buyers? 

best time to buy a home, buying a home, first time buyersWith summer ending, the fervor of home buying is dying down, which can be a good thing for buyers. A recent article in Daily Real Estate News noted that homebuyers looking to purchase during the off-season, particularly September, could have the upper hand.

Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for realtor.com, reported that supply rises in the late summer, providing buyers with more choices. In the third week of August, national inventory was at 1.91 million units, an increase of 21 percent since January.

“Normally inventory peaks in August and begins to slow as the nights grow longer,” Smoke says. “But this year the typical seasonal decline will start a bit later. There will be more choices in September than

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Avoid Homebuyer's Remorse

first time buyer, buying a home, first time home buyingBecause big purchases are tied to big expectations, you want to be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment when buying a home. A majority of homebuyers end up regretting at least one thing after moving into their new home. Most of the time, those regrets could have been avoided. For example, the most common complaints include the home not being big enough, the home not having enough closet space or enough bathrooms, being in a bad school district or having unpleasant neighbors. To help you avoid homebuyer’s remorse, here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a new home.

1. Take the time to research. Get online and research the neighborhood you are considering moving in to. Check out the schools, the

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Buying a Home - Concerns About the Economy

buying a home, buying a home safely, buying a home wiselyHello, back again with some more tips on buying a home and preserving your finances.

Don't we all get excited about the prospect of buying something new? More so when it's a big-ticket item? A house becomes a home and I'll be the first to admit the temptation to go all-out is huge. Even greater for those with families and children. 

A lot of real estate agents would like you to buy as much home as you can afford, as their commission check is naturally bigger. However, agents that genuinely care about their clients place their commission amount on the back-burner in favor of giving sound guidance to buyers when it comes to finances.

Most personal bankruptcies are filed over as little as a $300 per

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