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Residential Real Estate; the New Neutral Colors

Ohio Real Estate Neutral ColorsAh, nothing like a little change and breath of fresh air. As a Realtor, my business partner and I hear it all the time about "how boring cookie cutter houses are" and as a creative individual, I must admit I have to scoff a little at the army of Realtors that chant "neutral colors, neutral colors." Am I the only one tired of Mauve and Taupe? Let's see, grayish brownish range, goes with anything. Isn't "goes with anything" the point? How many newer Realtors simply chant this boring miasma simply because they heard another Realtor say it. There's more to neutral colors than this.

Neutral Doesn't Have to be Boring

The point of neutral colors is so that buyers (or renters) don't feel they have to worry about repainting or asking for the property to be repainted so that their furniture and belongings don't clash. Personally, I think if you look at some of these other neutral colors you'll agree there's more to life than Mauve and Taupe. There's no reason you can't have something a little brighter, cheerful, warm or more fun than these, and also make the great escape from the "oh so boring" world of cookie cutter, monkey-see-monkey-do colors.

Not all the colors above will work well with everyone's furnishings, however, your best bet to be  a little different and still be accommodating is to stick with those that fall into earth tones, with some of the other more unique colors for small touches or trim. The colors above are actually the New Color Trends Neutral Palette 2014 by Benjamin More: 

Now, not everyone likes brownish or greyish tones, but you could go with one of the lighter paler tones above and a different complementary color with trim. Sometimes using three colors can really make things pop with appeal while still providing a background that most people's furniture will go with. For instance, try a pale light green on a the walls, slightly warmer color on the trim and choose a contrasting different shade of green for a door. In my own home I have a light creamy color with a touch of yellow to it on the trim and helps lend the rooms a warmer feel. Of course I have two shades of greens around the house, some burnt orange color in the kitchen and dark chocolate on the walls for the media centers so the tellie pops and makes the room feel deeper.

Point is, if you're preparing to sell and going to paint anyway, choose neutral colors, sure, but have just a wee bit of fun with it and create more appeal, be a little different than those common cookie cutter homes covered in endless seas of Mauve and Taupe, and if you're going to do something a little striking, make it a smaller element and not a huge expanse of wall. Also, for curb appeal, try some touches of bright and cheerful colors on the outside of the home, just look around the neighborhood to see what's up and don't over do it, but a brightly colored door on a well kept front porch with flowers in decorative pots definitely says "come look at me!". 

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Ellie wrote: Absolutely perfect timing! I was getting ready to paint, and was getting frustrated about color. Love it and thanks!

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 12:57pm.

Andrea wrote: I am so glad someone has the @#$%^& to recommend something besides taupe, ha! I might, might not be selling my house in the future and my friend is a real estate agent, bless her heart, but cast her lot with cookie cutter America!

Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 3:09pm.

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