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Montgomery County Ohio Real Estate; Up! 

It's a great time buy a home if you're looking around Montgomery County Ohio real estate markets, but I wanted to point out why it's time to buy now rather than later. They say everything is relative, and it's true. Some buyers look at the current homes for sale in Montgomery County and feel that prices are high.

Montgomery County Ohio Real Estate Listings.Time for a reality check. Prices can and likely will get much higher as we move towards Spring 2015.  I remember a time when home buyers thought that paying 7-10% on a mortgage was low and acceptable, and rates are still below 5%.

I hear all the time, "Wow, that's high" when they see the price tag on a property. It's all relative, prices fell down over the last several years and only in the last couple of years are we seeing price increases.

Real estate always has cycles, just like Wall Street and the DOW has its ups and downs though I'm not talking about timing the market; it's only logical that a prospective home buyer would want to take advantage of the current market conditions.

Here's something for you to chew on, take a look at this Trendsgraphix chart I pulled from the Dayton MLS. If you look at May 2014, there were 3,749 single family homes for sale in Montgomery County, while May for the previous shows 3,771 homes on this market; a difference of 292 homes less, or 9.2% fewer available homes.

Supply and demand people. If you keep your ear to the news, and remember Dayton is only part of Montgomery County Ohio real estate's market you'll notice fewer reported foreclosures, spot communities spending money on city improvements, jobs and local economies while not flourishing are showing positive directions. This all points to steady growth. It may not be rocketing forward, but more like climbing a ladder and the longer you wait, the more you can expect to pay for a home and add potentially higher mortgage rates to boot

Learn more about Montgomery County Ohio real estate;

I don't need to go into prices explaining the median asking prices and all of that, you know your budget and if you're actively seeking to purchase a piece of Montgomery County Ohio real estate you can simple browse all homes for sale in Montgomery County. 

If you have a specific community in mind you can also use our property search to narrow down areas and price ranges or simply browse some of the hot markets in SW Ohio, many of which fall in Montgomery County and neighboring counties like Greene or Warren County.

I love being a Realtor and helping people with their dreams of owning a home, finding the perfect upgrade or helping home owners that need to sell and pocket a great net. If you're looking into Montgomery County Ohio real estate, or anywhere in the Greater Dayton Metro Area, I have over two decades of experience under my belt and love working with people.


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tisha wrote: hi juanita, just wondering what areas you would avoid buying in montgomery county. looks like i'll have some funds to play with later this year and considering buying something to rent out. or, what area's would you buy in?

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