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Dayton OH real estate – Positive Economics

Dayton ohio real estate austin landingSeems like good news about jobs and economy around southwest Ohio and the Dayton area continue to trickle in, and time to share some more good news that will have a positive effect on homes for sale in Dayton and surrounding suburbs.

Miami Township's plans for Austin Landing are developing faster with more details about the project forthcoming as we enter the Fall season. Already a $15 million project, the development is now to include 270 residential units.

The overall picture is a "live, work and play environment" geared to attract and retain companies in the region per Bo Gunlock, the president of RG properties of Springboro.

Per the Dayton Daily News, the two projects were discussed yesterday at a ground breaking ceremony for the $15 million dollar, five story office and retail tower. It's a good sized project too with 40,000 square feet reserved for retail, and 90,000 for offices.


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Attracting, courting and accommodating regional business is bound to have a positive impact on Dayton Ohio real estate markets, especially in places like Miami Township and Springboro, boosting house values in the area in addition to the new living spaces.

The tower I believe is scheduled to be finished next year, and on that note, I talked with an old friend considering, but putting off a home purchase for a year or two. Gains of 3-5% or so around Ohio may not seem like much, until you add that to your mortgage.

At today's rates, an additional $10,000  at 4.5% interest may only mean around another $50 bucks a month, but let's say you end up paying $20,000 more for a home than you would have, and let's also say interest rates go up to 5.5% next year. Now we're talking about more like $113 more a month.

While it's nigh impossible to predict with precise accuracy, this, like many other events developing around Southwest Ohio, are clear and positive indicators of growing economic stability, jobs, and housing opportunities. Many would-be first time buyers are held back by encumbering student loan debt, and a hamper of buying activity, but that doesn't stop prices from climbing.

Homes for sale in Miami Township and also Springboro Ohio real estate I expect to be on the higher end of gains the next two years in comparison to other communities. If you've been thinking about but postponing the purchase of a residential property in the area, I would effort getting your ducks in a row. For those that have interest in investing in residential or even commercial properties, Austin Landing is a good sign to bust a move. Both communities offer some outstanding choices.

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If you're thinking of, but perhaps not quite ready to move forward with a home purchase in the Greater Dayton Area, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about buying a home. Over twenty years of experience in the area as Realtor, I'd love to help save you some money and time.


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