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Happy Fathers Day - A Word on Man Caves

ohio homes man caveGood morning and Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there. I wanted to share an interesting insight about Dads (and Dads to be) from a Realtor's point of view.

In most cases with a married or betrothed couple the woman is usually the dominate driving force behind the Yea or Nay decisions about each particular home, and the kitchen and bedrooms are the primary focus and concern, but sure enough the Mister in the relationship always hold having his own "Man Cave" in high regard. (photo courtesy of

The saying women are from Venus and Men are from Mars even holds up in house hunting it would seem, as, though she may really dig the kitchen and bedrooms, the husband will often veto the house off the list due to a lack "man-cave" area to make his own. Men, (fathers) like to have that special area to claim as their own, and a place to hang with friend for a beer and a ball game especially if the wife isn't into sports, or a quiet retreat from the noise of children and bustle where he can either conduct some business or prop his feet up.

After all, doesn't Dad deserve to have his special place where he gets to feel like the King? Sometimes a home doesn't have one and the family or living room will have to suffice, but becomes a shared area that he only occasionally has to himself. Most dads I know work their behinds off, and sometimes just a little serenity or self induced happy distraction is in order. 

As newer homes are built, I'm starting to see more and more man caves being a part of the architectural plan, and that's a happy thing for Dads everywhere, just so long as the Queen gets her kitchen, its all good.

If you're looking for a property in Ohio that has just such a feature, you can use our property search. It has a keyword tool that you can plug in a term like "home office", "den" or you could also select "finished basement" as one of the preset feature selections, give it a whirl;

Find me a home with Man Cave

My business partner Marty Snyder is a happy father, though they are grown, and I'm sure he can tell you how he appreciates having that special space even so. A lifelong southwestern Ohio resident he also knows local markets from Cincinnati to Dayton and everything in between and very good at saving our clients money (and grief). He's also "tech savvy" and constantly texting to keep up with his buyers and sellers. Down to earth and savvy with what both the King and Queen need, text call or email him.

Marty Snyder - SW Ohio Real Estate

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Marty Snyder wrote: I can appreciate this as a father, lol.... every man needs his space!

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 12:02pm.

Ed wrote: Oh hell yeah, I'll take that one thank you! love your site btw. Hey Marty, thanks for getting back to me so quickly the other day, appreciate it bud. We want to see some more down here, but found one home in Monroe we want to take a look at too, that ok with you, saturday?

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 1:06pm.

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