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Local Expertise for a Better Experience

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A lot of agents that have been around for a while tout their value to buyers with expertise on their community. Fine and dandy, it's good to know about jobs moving in or moving out of the area, local attractions and perks of residency, sure.

All that helps if you have someone moving from out of state or someone unfamiliar with the community a buyer is targeting. Most of your buyers, however, are usually local and in tune with what's going on though it doesn't hurt to demonstrate you're in step and in tune with local news, trends and events.

News You Can Use

Aside from knowing the properties in question and their histories, local news can tell a Realtor a lot and provide factual insights to share about a community. Often, a Realtor will be asked "Do you think house values in this area will rise?" Caution is warranted here for both the buyer and the real estate agent.

First, there's never a guarantee; only speculation. However, one can make reasonable educated assumptions about house values. For instance, understanding the current local unemployment rate and local business. Low unemployment and new, growing or expanding business are key indicators of real estate market with growth, try subscribing to local online papers for resources and information. On the other hand, the wrong sort of business, say, a sheep farm or foul-smelling tile manufacturer nearby may detract.

My point is, staying up on the local news with jobs, business and new real estate developments can help you be of more use to your clients.

History Buffs have a Place in Real Estate

Another way to get more granular with information, and conversely more helpful, is knowing the history of the community and the home(s) in question. Whether listing and selling or helping a buyer with a purchase, it pays to be familiar with a community and also the property history. What changes have been made to the home and when? When was that new roof put on or the furnace upgraded. Some will want to know how many times a home's been sold over the years and for how much.

Community info for listing a home: Knowing the hot local places to create presence for a listing goes a long way towards moving a property on the market. This could be physical localities from regular places of social gatherings and events to social media communities frequented by residents. This in addition to all the other services an agent can utilize to market a home.

Community info for buying a house: Buyers will sometimes know the area well and why they choose a certain community, but they may be new or newer to the area and not know everything. Knowing the contact information for schools and boards, what's walk-able, conveniences, attractions, shopping and dining and what's close to properties in question helps cement a new agent-client relationship.

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