Lima Home Buyers Have a Great Lender to Lean On

Posted by Tim Parker on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 12:12pm.    966 Views

As I have mentioned before, a great list of professionals of whom you can refer your clients to is a must have for every real estate agent.  Today I would like to brag a bit about my "go-to" guy for lending.  His name is David Grunden and he is a mortgage agent for First Financial Bank.  Although not the only lender that I refer, David gives that extra effort that I haven't experienced with other lenders.

Fast, Cheap, and Good: Pick Two

It is a common conception in all business that every customer can get two of the big three.  Everybody wants to find the highest possible quality item or service, at the best price, in a timely manner.  Fast, cheap, and good: pick two is the basis for how just about everything is marketed.  McDonalds offers fast and cheap; Tiffany's offers fast and good; E-bay offers good and get it.

Mr. Grunden has impressed me time and again by quickly following up with my clients in a top notch professional manner.  I often get his feedback about an interaction before my clients contact me.  The things I have heard from home buyers that I have sent to him are all positive, even when they find out that they are not qualified for a loan right now.  Just last week I got a note from a client telling me that she was not qualified to buy right now, but David had given her a goal and a process that she could follow to get her situation right for a loan.  Of course I got this note from her an hour after David had already told me.

Service to the Industry Through Professional Communication

I have only personally met with David once.  He stopped into our office to share some of the programs that First Financial offers.  His knowledge of the mortgage lending industry is vast and what is appreciated is that he doesn't keep it to himself.  Through a monthly e-newsletter, he shares some very complicated information in a manner that helps real estate agents understand.  In previous posts I included a list of the things that professional real estate agents are supposed to know about, thank you to David Grunden for helping me keep up.

If you have any questions about the home buying process, lending, or selling real estate, contact me and I will help you.  I have a great list of helpful professionals just like David.

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