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Huber Heights Ohio Homes - Musical House Values

Huber Heights Ohio homes music centerThere are several things that help drive real estate markets and house values locally for Huber Heights or any other community for that matter. You have jobs, economy, the city's crime rate (which you can look up on btw. How clean is the city or suburb? Parking can be an issue in some places and how about neighbors?

One thing that really drives popularity are the city and area attractions for a given location. Huber Heights residents are about to get a little boost in the entertainment department, with the Huber Heights Music Center to be completed some time this year. 

The $18,000,000 dollar project will produce revenue for the city, and entertainment for residents. Entertainment makes an area more attractive, and collectively they can drive up house values in certain neighborhoods, just like a good school makes a district more desirable. Positive (or negative) things all add up.

A smart move too, for Huber Heights. The needed revenue could be put back into city repairs, beautification projects, renovating older attractions or seeking out new ideas; in turn, boosting the desire to live there. Indeed, the city is projecting annual revenues of $500,000.

There's currently well over 200 homes for sale in Huber Heights, and DABR (Dayton Area Board of Realty) shows that prices have generally increased over last year, though I believe Dayton's suburbs are doing better than the city of Dayton itself.

Huber Heights Ohio Homes for Sale

Another positive for the Huber Heights area are jobs. Jobs during the construction of the Music Center but also employment working at or for the center, and more jobs are welcome in any economy.  The Greater Dayton Metro area's markets like Huber Heights, but also Kettering, Centerville, Beavercreek, Springboro and other Ohio homes for sale in the region have all enjoyed upward growth, and seemingly steady and I think the pace is great, Not too far, too fast. We all have our fingers crossed for Dayton Ohio real estate's gross collection of abandoned and foreclosed homes evaporates and the city fund the demolition of more of the worst eyesore properties. 

With a handful of luxury homes for sale in Huber Heights, the sheer bulk of these Ohio homes falls in the $100,000 to $200,000's range while nearly half the homes for sale are under $100,000 on down. Adding local attractions, spending revenue on city improvements can not only help current house values but could inspire new construction and expansion of neighborhoods. Let's all hope the revenue is spent wisely.

Huber Heights Music Center Project - Dayton Daily News

If you're looking into Huber Heights Ohio homes for sale, you might also want to check out some neighboring communities, perhaps Kettering or Centerville.

If you need an Ohio Realtor familiar with these markets, I'd love to hear more about your personal goals.

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