How Much "Glee" in Lima, Ohio?

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The very popular television show "Glee" on Fox ended its great run over a year ago, but how much of it's depiction of the real city of Lima, Ohio was true?  As a real estate agent and resident, I can assure you that we are bigger and better as a city than this show hinted at.

Northwestern Ohio Teens are Just Like Teens Everywhere

I was a midwestern teenager once.  I am the father of three of them now.  I am not an expert on teenagers because no sane adult ever could be (in my opinion).  These immature version of full grown people don't tell me anything, so I watch a television show like "Glee" and find comfort thinking that they are all gathering at school singing and dancing.  The reason that they lay around the house so much is because they must be exhausted from all the drama at school.  There is peer pressure to be involved in a million things yet most people seem to accept the choices, and individuality, of everyone else.  Teens are great at accomplishing things to impress each other yet none seem to be shaping up as a potential future U.S. President.  The influences that these teens are getting from their teachers does bother me though.

The real Lima, Ohio is a much larger and more diverse city full of teens.  With a population of over 30,000 and a vast array of racial diversity, Lima is a city with opportunities for all ages to participate in a wide variety of things.  We have factories and two hospitals.  There is a mall, major movie theater, acting troup, two universities, a bunch of restarants, bars, car lots, and festivals.  Lima has a lot for people to do whether indoors or out.  The show often depicted outdoor activities in November of which none of the participants wore heavy coats; this does not happen in real Lima.  We have four seasons.

Real Estate Tours in Lima of "Glee" Sites

I would love to be able to offer people tours of all of the sites depicted on the show, but they do not exist.  We have dentists and doctors and over 1000 streets with different names, but there is no McKinley High.  Our largest, Lima Senior High, is a modern school with many great programs.  I can't think of any single organization in the school that gets more attention than the others.  

If you are interested in seeing what homes the stars of "Glee" might have lived in, give me a call.  I will happily make something up for you.  

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Allen wrote: I just had to say, I remember that show, and I have teens as well. I had to laugh about your finding comfort watching Glee's portrayal of teens enjoying wholesome and healthy socializing or activities because whenever mine aren't home I drive myself crazy with anxiety and then my wife tells me I'm paranoid. Of course, when it's the girls, she's the one that gets paranoid and anxious, LOL!

Posted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at 9:06am.

Diane wrote: Love it Tim. Our teens are so cool. Sometimes with the news it seems to dwell on the "bad kids". I believe our teens are like us too, only a bit more cool. lol

Posted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at 9:40am.

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