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Posted by Emily White on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 10:24am.    1330 Views

Peer-to-Peer Platform to Eliminate Energy Poverty 

Energy Sharing An interconnected platform that lets homeowners donate energy to those who are in need is set to launch this December. The company, Gridmates, is a peer-to-peer network. This company allows those with excess energy share it with neighbors in need of an extra boost. With Millennials buying their first homes, being eco-aware, and tech savvy, Gridmate hopes to connect all of these into one community-sharing project.

Like many things in life, opportunities are not always equal. We live in a world where in one neighborhood one family can’t put food on the table or keep their lights on at night, while the house next door is simply wasting electricity because “they can.” With this innovative platform, homeowners – whether they generate their own electricity or not -- can log onto the Gridmates’s website and sign up to donate their energy to anyone living in energy poverty.

Not only can you donate energy that you’re not using, but you can also contribute to another homeowner’s electricity bill by simply paying for it. Working with utility providers, this system hopes to register the users’ donations and reroute energy to the recipients or buildings in need.

This is an amazing way to make our communities “green” and give a helping hand to someone in your community. Does it get any better? You are helping people and no longer wasting your own energy. This project also hopes to include tips to help donors save energy through energy-saving tactics.

Gridmates was thought up by George Koutitas – who many believe deserves acknowledgement for this wonderful concept. To learn more, feel free to watch the video below or visit www.gridmates.com.

If you want to participate in something like this but don’t currently have a home, contact Union Home Mortgage today and we will put you in touch with one of our mortgage professionals. You can then be put on the path of becoming a homeowner who helps those in need. 

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