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Fireplace Safety - Preparing for use

fireplace safety, home safety fireplaceIt won’t be long before we’re switching the thermostat from AC to heat and getting ready to stoke the fire. But before we break down the kindling and create that cozy setting, there are a few steps to take to ensure safety and efficiency.

While a source of warmth and cheer, improperly maintained fireplaces can be very dangerous for your home and family. 

Here in Ohio, a large percentage of homes have fireplaces, and working with buyers interested in these properties, it should never be neglected during initial home inspections. For homeowners that already have one, have all fireplaces and stoves (wood, gas, or pellet burning) professionally inspected and cleaned every year (no less than every other year).  The

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Save Money, Protect Your House - Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Maintenance, fall water damage, protect house fallIf you live in Ohio, Midwest or upper East Coast you already know that winter can be quite cruel and brutal at times. This can be especially true if you are a home owner that doesn’t properly prepare for the harsh weather ahead.

As a very active Realtor, I have seen the damages that can be brought on a home due to improper or poor winter preparation.

Buyers who have recently purchases, or home owners preparing to sell soon or next spring will do well to double-check Fall maintenance and winterizing is done properly.

You may want to check out more articles for Buyers or Sellers.

13 Fall Maintenance Must-Do's

Some of the tips below may or may not apply to you, but most will: 

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Breaking Home Invasion News in Ohio

Ohio Home Invasion News (Source: www.NBC4i.com)It happened just this morning in West Columbus, Ohio. According to the NBC4i report, four men broke through the back door of an occupied home. When they came upon the two residents, the thugs beat them with a baseball bat and a gun until they handed over some cash. The police are still looking for the home invasion suspects.

News reports like this are the reason I've dedicated my life to protecting homeowners through education and the design and manufacturing of preventative home security devices. The posts I write aren't intended to scare you into investing in home security. They serve to provide you with important information that can protect you and your beloved family. 

Home Invasion Prevention Advice and

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Burglary and Home Invasion in Ohio—An Important Lesson for Homeowners

Burglary and Home InvasionEvery year tens of thousands of Ohio residents fall victim to burglary and home invasion. As a current or prospective homeowner, how much do you know about these crimes?

According to the FBI, home break-ins such as burglary and home invasion are the leading threat to homeowners. In today's post, I'll provide some insight into these two crimes, and the home security measures you can take to reduce your risk.

Burglary and Home Invasion Defined

In Ohio, burglary is generally defined as illegal entry into an unoccupied structure such as a home, a garage, or a building with the intent to commit a crime. The intruder does not actually have to carry out the intended crime to be

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The Importance of Home Inspections

home inspectionsI've been selling dozens upon dozens of homes over the years all across SW Ohio and have ran across many reputable lenders and home inspectors. As a professional buyer's agent, I do my best to assist my clients' with finding the right homes, lenders and home inspection companies to work with, among other things.

In order to avoid any legal ramifications for "steering" I have composed a list (that I am always updating or revising) of lenders and home inspection companies. I send this list to my clients and encourage them to do their own investigations of who they would like to work with.

One of the recent additions to the list of home inspection companies is Slab to Slate Home Inspections. Chad Shultz is the owner

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A Savvy and Compassionate Realtor

columbus realtors, columbus real estate agents, disabled personsSome clients will have needs beyond the request for an updated kitchen or a finished basement. What can a Realtor do to show clients that he or she understands client's with special needs? With a broad range of medical needs, it is impossible to know everything. However, simply not knowing anything may cause the client to choose a different Realtor. Why not take the time to familiarize yourself with common medical needs families deal with daily?

Differentiate Yourself

You can stand out by learning a little bit about common illnesses and the services offered to the community. Its normal to not investigate any of these issues until it affects us in our personal life. However, when a client is facing a move and the

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Home Security Advice for Women Who Live Alone

homes security, home security for women, home security for women who live aloneThe news is never short of home crimes involving women who live alone. In a recent NBC4i.com report out of Northeast Columbus, Ohio, a woman who lived by herself was shot during a home invasion involving four masked men.

As an independent woman, buying a home and living on your own can be a liberating experience. But that freedom doesn't come without its risks. To protect against these threats and enjoy greater peace of mind, follow this important home security advice. 

Home Security Advice for Women

Avoid letting others know you live alone. Just because you live alone doesn't mean everyone needs to know. If you're new to the neighborhood, wait until you get to know your neighbors better before

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Cordless Tools & Fire Hazards

December, 2014, a family acquaintance had a fire in their home caused by the charger plugged into the wall without the drill inserted.  It shorted out and within 5 minutes the home was badly burned. It happens more than you think; don’t let it happen to you!


If you're selling a home and getting the property prepared, you may be making some improvements prior to listing. Or, if you're buying a home, after purchase you make want to make some improvements or changes that suit your needs; hanging drapes, installing closet organizers or putting up laundry room shelves. You may be another Realtor taking a personal home improvement hand with a recently acquired property you're going to flip or rent.

The internet has buzzed

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Holiday Home Security Tips

holiday home burglarySecuring your home against burglary is always important, but during the holidays—when gifts such as HDTVs, smart phones, jewelry, cash, and other valuables surround your tree—home security should be at the top of your list. 

To protect your home, valuables, and overall peace of mind against burglary over the holidays, incorporate these important holiday home security tips into your plans.

Anti-Burglary Home Security Tips

  • One of the first things a burglar looks for when casing a residence is easy access through a door or window. In addition to keeping your doors and windows locked at all times, ensure your vulnerable entry doors and windows are equipped with an added layer of security. Home security devices such as a
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Everything you need to know about Chimney Cleaning

Once the temperatures drop, there is something so comforting about a cozy fire. The light, the smell, the warmth… Yes, you can just imagine it now. Pair that scene with a glass of wine or hot cup of tea and all the worries of the day start to melt away. While this picture gives us all that fuzzy feeling, the facts about what could be happening in your chimney can also give anyone pause.

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, you are likely all too familiar with this term: Creosote. If you’re new to the fire game, creosote is the black or brown stuff that builds up in your chimney. While fireplaces and wood burners are designed to safely contain wood fires, the chimney’s job is to expel the

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