Home Security Tips for New Home Buyers

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Home Security Tips for New Home Buyers

Home Security Tips for New Home BuyersWhen it comes to buying a new home, what should I look for in terms of home security?

This is a question I get asked quite often by prospective home buyers, and it is a smart question to ask.

There's more to home security than ensuring your new residence is located in what you or others consider a safe neighborhood. The type and size of the home, interior and exterior features, property size, and surrounding landscaping are all important factors to consider before purchasing a new property.

By taking the time to evaluate home security up front, you can better determine the pros and cons of a property's security level. It also allows you to better estimate potential labor or costs involved in bringing the home up to par for you and your family.

New Home Security Tips

The following are some important home security tips that new home buyers should take into consideration before purchasing a new home:

  • Interior Home Security: A home equipped with a quality alarm system and adequate alarm signage is a great start. However, don't place all of your trust in this feature, as most home alarms sound AFTER an intruder enters. The key to home security is keeping the bad guys out. It is for this reason you should place emphasis on the home's windows and doors. If the windows and doors are secured by nothing more than standard locks and frames, you will need to factor in the costs of optimizing these vulnerable entry points. This can be as easy as installing heavy duty deadbolts, a security door brace, and glass protection film.
  • Outdoor Home Security LightingLandscaping: Exterior landscaping may add to a property's beauty, but it can also provide excellent hiding places for criminals. When evaluating a new home for purchase, assess the property for taller trees, retaining walls, and fences that provide easy access to upper floors and balconies. If these cannot be removed or cut back, you will need to ensure all accessible windows and doors are properly reinforced and secured at all times.
  • Exterior Lighting: The exterior lighting of a home is very important. Too little light allows thugs to hide in the cover of the night; too much light provides clear views of the home's entry points. When considering buying a new home, be sure to visit the residence in the evening so that you can properly evaluate the exterior lighting at night. Motion-activated outdoor security lighting is an important home security feature, as it helps to startle and ward off potential intruders. An automatic shut-off feature also helps to decrease energy costs.
  • Crime Statistics: Researching the crime rates of the city and neighborhood you are considering buying a new home in is extremely important. The most reliable sources are those provided by city, state, and national government agencies. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Statistics is an excellent place to start. To narrow your search to a particular community, check with the local City Hall and law enforcement agencies. Your realtor may also be able to provide you with crime stats.

Evaluating the security of a new home up front is a smart buying decision. Not only can it save you money in the long run, it can provide you with the peace of mind you and your family need to enjoy your home sweet home.

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Greg Hancock wrote: Jordan, love these home security tips, especially the part about the landscaping. I think the landscaping often doesn't get enough consideration when it comes to home security, and a little strategy never hurts. LOL, a long ways back when I lived in the desert I had considerable large cactus growing under every window. :)

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