Home Improvement Scams

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Beware of  Home Improvement Scams

Hello everybody, I'm back again and just wanted to give all you good people a "heads' up" because I see a lot posts here on the topic of home improvement lately and as a Realtor with her finger on the pulse of what's shakin' out there I wanted to hopefully raise some awareness about a trending home improvement scam here in the Buckeye, across the nation and possibly in your own neighborhood.

References are always a good thing, whether you're renting to someone, conducting job interviews, investigating a travel service or buying a car, and it's certainly no different when it comes to home improvement. In nearly thirty years of growing my real estate business, I've seen a lot out there, and unfortunately hearing a bit more about home improvement scams. Beware especially of door to door type solicitations that typically start out with something like "we were in the area", etc. Just say no, and if you're into being your brother's keeper, get a card / phone number and say "I'll think about it" and report it as suspicious to your local police department. 

The Associated Press, Columbus Ohio even reported recently that the Ohio Attorney General has issued a public warning (don't you wish warnings were more audible or in your face like a tornado watch or something) that spring and warmer weather appears to bring out more of these creeps. Don't write checks and make down payments to a company you know nothing about. And even if they give you references, you should still practice good common sense and do your own investigations.

Home Improvement Scams: Do Your Homework! 

Check with the Better Business Bureau, and check with the office of your state's Attorney General for complaints or actions taken against a home improvement company. I would also scour the internet for complaints. In Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine states to that not only can you check with his office, but that consumers have the right to cancel any "door-to-door" agreements and that The Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section has filed five home improvement lawsuits so far this year against contractors believed to be violating the state's Consumer Sales Practices Act.  Lawsuits represent a smaller number vs. complaints, so whether a real scam to get your money, or just shoddy workmanship and work-ethic it's going to cost you hard earned money if you don't exercise caution. 

Better, I think, to not get started with or involved with anyone that doesn't have a laudable, established and respected reputation.


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Greg Hancock wrote: Juanita, good looking out... thanks for sharing this with everyone. 2014 seems to already be a hot year for remodeling, especially with improving house values in nearly all markets. Once again you've provided something of benefit for our visitors, thanks mucho!

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 4:54pm.

Steve Bayard wrote: Good post Juanita, say it like it is...

Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 at 5:14pm.

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