Home Improvement DIY Dont's Part Four

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Home Improvement 4 House Value; Mistakes Part Four

home improvement roofingWelcome back! In Part Three we covered the topic "Out Doing the Jones's", and this time we're going to talk about whether or not having a new roof installed would be a mistake.

House Value: Roof Goofs

New roofs really do look nice,  but studies have shown that buyers really don't care about whether or not the roof is new, but do care about whether or not it leaks. Water damage can be very costly not to mention a total pain to remedy after the damage is done and water damage is what they are gong to be looking at. Once again, I feel compelled to remind readers (whether first time buyer, seller or home owner) to consider the length of time you intend on staying in a home, and whether you intend on selling for a profit down the road. 

In Ohio, a typical tear-off and replacement can run $6,000 - $9,000, on a 1,900 - 2,500 square foot home with many factors determining the final price, such as the construction materials and style of roof. Are you going with asphalt shingles, a unique color or perhaps metal roofing?

My advice to you as a buyer and future home owner, or if you are preparing to sell a home or a just current home owner, I would consider that a new roof generally lasts about 15 - 20 years, so, if the roof is only a couple of years old and you only intend on living in the home for 6-7 years, I wouldn't bother.  On the other hand, if the roof is on it's way out and / or leaks, if you're buying, definitely factor that into your decision, and the same if you're selling but only if you would replace it as if you were to continue living there. Don't replace a roof that doesn't need replacing. That would be like having a car repainted before selling it when some touch up would do.

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