Home Improvement DIY Dont's Part Five

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Home Improvement 4 House Value; Mistakes Part Five

Welcome back! Our last discussion we talked about "Roof Goofs" and some of the mistakes home owners, sellers and buyers make shortly after making a home purchase when it comes to roof repairs and new roofing. It's always going to boil down to the length of time you intend on staying in the home.

High Tech House Value Wrecks

This morning, I'd like to share another mistake home owners and sellers are making more and more often (it's not necessarily a bad thing) and that's adding fancy technology. I'm sure you've seen the ads on television about turning off water, locking doors, setting alarms, heating or air conditioning from a smartphone, notebook or other mobile device. This is absolutely wonderful an convenient, but don't expect this to add value to the home.

While these features are largely welcomed by most, not a problem for resale of the home though it doesn't add to house value, other fancy technologies can actually be a deterrent. How many of you reading this remember BetaMax? Remember that whatever state-of-the-art gadget you have installed in your home today will be obsolete by the time you're ready to sell your home. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that everyone we knew was scrambling to install Internet cables all over their homes? Most of us have now gone wireless but many of us still have outlets in the wall to remind us.

"High-Tech" either improve or lower your house value

Some home tech is fun, some of it's useful, some of it saves money, but unless it's something geared to be in place for a very long time, and relatively inexpensive, it's not worth it as a home improvement project. I talk about recurring themes in this particular post series a lot, and one of them is what it takes to "remedy" something you changed or need to change back in order to create better universal appeal if you intend on placing the home back on the market one day. Does anyone remember replacing cassette tape collections with CD's? Or VHS tapes with DVD's? If you do, I rest my case. You need to consider this when it comes to your "home improvement" projects.

If it's something you really want, and money isn't going to be an obstacle, by all means you might as well 'make it your own" and do as you wish. Just consider the cost of putting it back to the way it was and letting someone else customize the home. Otherwise, you'll miss out on buyers that may have had an interest.

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Mark wrote: hey Greg, thinking about selling about 2 years out from now when prices are a bit higher (looking good so far!) but my roof is 11 years old, so that would make it 13 years old. would you suggest a new roof or no? I should get more out than what i've got in the place, i've added new windows and doors and upchanged the baths too.

Posted on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 2:42pm.

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