Home Improvement DIY Dont's Part Eight

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Home Improvement for House Value: Mistakes Part Eight

DIY Home Improvement MistakesOne potentially expensive mistake you can avoid if you're buying or a newer homeowner with the intent of selling a few years down the road, is changing a room's intent or function. Knocking a wall out to a bedroom to create a larger living or family room or turning a living room or dining room into a large kitchen isn't going to do wonders for your return on investment.

Changing Form and Function

Let's say your in the market for a three bedroom home, and the neighborhoods you want to buy in are typically three bedroom houses, and there's one home that you like. All the features of this home meet your needs like the 2 car garage, though it's only a two bedroom. It does, however, have an extra large living room. This residential property the same price average asking price as all the three bedroom homes in the area. Even though it may meet your requirements, be a nice home in an area you want to live in, ask yourself would you expect the price to be lower?

Or, how about this; let's say it's the same neighborhood and the two car / two garage home this time has super size kitchen, but the home doesn't have a living room or it too only has two bedrooms? You, as a buyer would expect to pay less for a home missing an average critical feature.

The temptation to customize your home is only natural, we all have our unique tastes and likes. The point here is, can you imagine how fewer buyers will be interested at the price you need to to coup a decent return on investment, you'll end up accepting, in some cases much less, than what you had in mind. Another choice is to put it back the way it was and pull the living spaces back into universal appeal and common character, but that too is going to take a big bite out of your investment down the road. The decision maker is, how badly do you want to customize the room's functions, and are you going live with less of return to actually loosing on return for the desired changes.

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2 Responses to "Home Improvement DIY Dont's Part Eight"

paul wrote: Hey what would you say if one of the bedrooms you're considering adding to a kitchen is super small?

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 6:47am.

Greg Hancock wrote: Hey Paul, just noticed your question and it depends. Having not seen the home firsthand and not knowing what neighborhood or community it's hard to give advice on that. I've have seen homes where one one room is ridiculously small, even tiny.

Once, one of my investors actually got rid of a tiny bedroom, and (this is hard to picture) moved the living room and enlarged the kitchen at the same time and then added on an extra bedroom of decent size. So, he kept the number of bedrooms the same, and successfully got rid of the tiny original bedroom while creating a larger kitchen.

That may or may not be of much help, if you have a Realtor local to you that you're comfortable with, ask them for some advice, but make sure they don't just spout something off, but do a little homework or show you some stats about homes and features in the area to back up their advice.

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 7:15am.

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