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Save and Make Last Minute Halloween Splendid

halloween decor, diy halloween decorations, DIY halloween decorationsHalloween used to be about pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns. Now it’s on the level of Christmas trimmings – extravagant and sometimes over the top. Not everyone has the inclination or budget to go all out for what used to be just a kid’s holiday, but below are a few basic, inexpensive, family-friendly yet frightening ideas to give your home a haunted look.

It’s all about black – This works best indoors. Black candles, black vases, black flowers.

Bump up the candle display – Votives are fine, but candelabras are better.

Bones – Dollar stores offer a plethora of inexpensive décor and bones are among the many that drive the spook factor home. Prop them on steps, porch swings and throughout the yard.

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How to Accessorize Your Home for Fall

Fall is upon us – a season ushered in with brisk mornings, early evenings, and so many things to celebrate. As we prepare to revel in apple picking, pumpkin patches, scarves, sweaters, scents of cinnamon, football, and falling leaves in refulgent hues, let’s take a moment to adorn our houses accordingly.

While holiday décor has increasingly inched its way over the top in recent years, homeowners can still add a bit of seasonal festiveness sans all the Halloween hubbub.

Year-round wreaths can be a bit of overkill, but there’s no reason not to warm up the winter holidays with a tasteful wreath of leaves, sunflowers or other deep orange, yellow and red flowers.

An assortment of pumpkins is also an easy way to

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Rooms We Never Knew We Needed

home decor, children's rooms, homework room, home improvementHomes are ever evolving to meet our needs. We went from living rooms, dining rooms, and dens to great rooms, man caves, home offices, and now – the homework room.

Innovative and fun to decorate, these new spaces are becoming more common for families with hectic schedules and limited quiet space. Some creative homeowners have transformed neglected mudrooms, pantries, and those quirky thoroughfare or half bedroom/half office type spaces into an area specifically designed to allow kids to focus. Here are few staples (and variations) to anchor and define these academic oases.

  • Desk – But don’t just think desk. Tables, bars, or cabinet type work areas help mix up the humdrum of school desks.
  • Lockers – A fun find on
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Kitchen Design: Backsplashes add Pop and Personality

kitchen design, kitchen design backsplashDoing a little home improvement around our house lately. Check it out; there are many seemingly small elements in the home that once upgraded or redesigned, give spaces a whole new personality. Backsplashes are one of these elements. Some designers consider them the focal point of the entire room and can easily redefine the look of a kitchen without all the expenses and inconvenience.

While functional and vital to counter spaces, cooking areas, and sinks, backsplashes also offer immense opportunity to mix things up or refresh a room. Tiles, specifically “subway” tiles (rectangular, ceramic) have been the standard for backsplashes. While various colors and layouts of subway tiles can create an

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Making a Statement with your Front Door

home decor, front door design, front door colorFront doors have become somewhat of a statement piece for homes – coming in an array of colors and designs. More than an entrance, they’re a small yet integral feature that allows homeowners a platform to express themselves or define their home. 

While some of those colors may simply be a personal favorite or something that flows with the trim, certain hues may say something about you. National color expert Kate Smith gave the Huffington Post some insight about what some colors reveal about homeowner’s personalities.

Red – A bold choice that says that owner is not afraid to stand out.

Purple – For big dreamers who take risks. Often the choice for someone who’s a “free spirit.”

Green – For people with

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Bought or Buying a Home? The Right Lighting for You

choosing lighting, home decor, decor light fixturesSometimes it's hard to envision what fixtures, furniture and lighting will look like, and nothing beats the in-store experience where you can get a real visual of the differences between products and sure beats online reviews and photos. So definitely head to the the store once you have some idea of where you're leaning. 

In fact, the 7th annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found that most Americans determine which bulb they need based on information learned from product packaging, in-store displays or from store employees.

Why is "Seeing the Light" So Confusing?

As a bright new era of lighting technology is ushered in, the array of energy-efficient choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

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5 Inexpensive Home Improvements Under $100

home improvement, cheap home improvements, inexpensive home improvementsLooking to give your home an upgrade but lacking a big budget? Maybe your home is more or less ready to list, but want to do a little bit extra to improve the appeal or simply a little upgrading for your own self-satisfaction. It doesn't have to break the bank.

If you're a Realtor and just need some suggestions for your seller to improve the initial appeal of the home's interior, you'll find these are quick and easy in addition to being frugal.

There are tons of small home tweaks all packing serious redesign punch.

Here are five home upgrades for under $100.

Paint. Painting has long been the budget designer's best friend. A coat of paint can make a room feel fresh and new, and leaves ample room for

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Simplifying Home Improvements

home improvement, house value, diy home improvementThere are an abundance of articles online revolving around home improvement from DIY to trends. There are also many posts about which projects bring the best return for the investment. You may want to bookmark this post and save the useful links.

I'd like to bring it all down to earth and simplify things for buyers, new homeowners and homeowners that are preparing to sell with applicable tips.

What is your goal beyond just a fair return for your spend on home improvement? Will the improvements add to the quality of your life? Also, can you balance your wants with realistically increasing your home's worth? Are you engaging in home improvement with the intention of selling?

House Value - A Simple Place to Start

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DIY Cost - Efficient Flooring 

Paper Bag FloorsDo you have an unfinished basement or a room that you are dying to redo the floors, but don’t have the money in your pocket to execute? Well, keep reading to see the solution you may have been looking for: Paper bag floors, yes you heard that right – paper bags. This affordable, attractive, DIY flooring solution could be the answer to finishing your basement or spicing up a room upstairs.

The cost will depend on the size of the room you are planning to cover but overall cost should be below $100. Which, if you have ever shopped for flooring, this is cheap! Paper bag floors can be put over concrete or wood and could be finished in a weekend’s time. What you will need to accomplish this project:

  1. A roll of brown paper –
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Indoor plants that clear the air and add some green

We have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: Winter is here. With the cold temperatures, many of us find ourselves cooped up indoors and not only missing the fresh air, but also the color green. Now, for the good news: You can incorporate some green into your interior design and breathe in some fresh air with the use of houseplants.

While houseplants will never compare to an apple tree in full bloom, they can still offer some benefits. Not only will a houseplant offer natural life to enjoy year-round, the following plants are also very effective at improving your indoor air quality:

  • Peace Lily: If you have house pets, the Peace Lily isn't for you. This plant is
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