Staging Vacant Homes

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Vacant Home Staging is a must!

The world of vacant home staging is booming! More and more homeowners are being relocated due to job and family circumstances, leaving them with no choice but to have an empty home on the market for sale. For those of you who have tried to live in a home while it is on the market, you might think this is an attractive situation. But vacant homes are twice as hard to sell if they are not properly staged and marketed.

Ohio homes staging vacant properties

Only 10% of homebuyers can visualize the potential of a home. That is a very small number and what if the potential buyers that come through your home are not part of that 10%? Risky! Leaving the buyer the opportunity to wonder if their bed will fit in the room or where to put their sofa are questions you don’t want swimming around in their head. The goal is to have them already sitting down on the sofa and writing an offer! 

Showing a home that is vacant makes the property feel cold, uninviting and small because there is no frame of reference. We find that buyers can become confused when rooms are not clearly defined which leave them unable to emotionally connect to the home. If you are buying a home, the practicalities are equally important to you as the emotional connection. So, as stagers, we work to distinguish your property from all the other homes on the market. Our careful assessment of your property enables us to develop a design plan that highlights the positives features of your home and downplay any negative issues. Our design plans incorporate the latest trends and focus on buyer demographics in your area. We generally break down staging into 4 areas:

Recognizing Market Viewpoint (Photos Above)

Each room has a focal point as you enter the room. Placing furniture and accents to draw your eye to that focal point is key to staging you can see this in the photo before and after picture how the furniture is placed to draw the eye to the fireplace and open arch walkway and room beyond. 

Maximizing flow of each room (Photos Below Left)

staging Ohio homes and real estatePlacement of furniture is essential to creating flow in a home. Allowing potential buyers to walk freely through a space without obstruction creates the impression and feeling that the home is open and spacious.

It's important to remember, home staging helps to give prospective buyers an idea of the functionality and layout of a room,  but should be simple and minimal enough for them to imaging their life and their personal belonging in each room.

Furniture places should always make sense according to the respective room it's in, and should allow for ease of movement and flow. Again, visitors walking around the rooms in the home should be able to do so with ease and without obtsruction.

Other considerations, the furniture and home staging articles should make sense, should complement the home not just with color and form, but also style and design. Complementary colors to give a coordinated feel are nicely accented by a few items with a little bit of "pop" like a brightly colored lamp shade, or window treatments in an otherwise boring room can go a long ways.

Tall plants soften corners but could also be in a pretty, decorative pot. Avoid too many textures and patterns in one area, as the busy feel creates "noise" and you want  a comfortable living style with general and broader appeal. 

Selling the space of each room

We often say, “Sell the space because space sells!” If the room is intended for a tv room, remove the workout equipment. Or if the home does not have a dedicated office but the buyer’s market clearly calls for one, find a way to create one.

The room in photo right is neat and clean, a nice paint jog of a neutral color, but what does this first impression do for you, what is this room for?

Let's try the remix; give the room a purpose.

Let's either highlight the actual purpose or give it a likely and defined purpose.

Now with the photo left is the same room as the one above, however, now the room has purpose. Not overfilled with furniture and items but is now distinctively a simple but charming home office that looks like a relaxing enough place for peace and quiet where you can get some work done. 


Home Staging to Effectively Create A Targeted Lifestyle     

Everyone dreams of a luxurious master bedroom. Make sure your home is staged to give buyers that immediate reaction. See the before and after photos of this master bedroom below and imaging walking to this room empty vs. looking like a master bedroom. The visitor and buyers can now imagine this as their own master bedroom with greater ease.

As an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), I can tell you with confidence that 95% of ASP staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less and sell for 17% more money. And vacant homes spend 78% less time on the market then non-staged homes.

92% of home buyers look on the internet to view home before they ever contact a real estate agent. That percentage alone means that marketing and putting the best (staged) photo on the internet to draw in a buyer is critical. With TV channels like HGTV, buyers are expecting a “top-of-the-line” package when it comes to viewing a property, online or in person. The bar has been set, and it is our jobs to meet it!

Home Staging has become a household phrase around the nation and in Ohio! Staging Works!

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Tia G wrote: I like this

I like how you u used the lines in the furniture to point toward the door and fireplace, and the home looks better with some stuff in it. I can see more what it might look like with my stuff in it.

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Melanie wrote: I like how open it is even with furniture in it, don't like the empty room photos.

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