Helping Real Estate Agents Succeed

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What does Greg Hancock Do? Help Others Succeed

real estate leads, real estate internet leads, succeeding at real estateI get asked frequently by new and tenured agents and also a ton of real estate related professionals what it is I do. I love it when people ask questions, but I get asked this question so frequently, I decided I'd do a blog post about it so I can send originators of this query a link.

First, I've been at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Professional Realty a couple of years now and I absolutely love what I do and wear many hats that are all related to the same goals, and that's helping others succeed.


"I'm not succeeding unless I'm helping others succeed"

It makes me both sad and angry when I see a brand-new or relatively new agent failing at working real estate, going through hard times financially and expressing thoughts of giving up. Many of these agents either flit from brokerage to brokerage or get out of the real estate business altogether. On the E-lead team my business partner Marty Snyder and I manage, agents learn to excel with conversion, here are some of the strategies we teach, but if they insist on being one of the agents to avoid, they don't stay on the team long. We ask agents to ask themselves; "Are you a Good Realtor, or a Bad Realtor."

Check back next week for "Choosing a Brokerage", another crucial part of the picture.

Support and Attitude are Everything

Support: Just some of what I do:

  • As webmaster of, I'm constantly working on our site, growing and driving traffic to listing agents, agents on our E-lead team and helping agents with their personal real estate sites from how to manipulate the pages to SEO and driving traffic of their own.
  • Marty and I both coach agents on our E-lead team and glad to have his help there. he's already working on another record year in sales, but uses the same strategies I teach agents for succeeding at internet leads. 
  • If you couldn't tell already, I love blogging. I created our company blog and moderate it and help agents that choose to do so (which is a wise idea) learn how to cultivate a following, and created quality content for sharing throughout their social media forums.
  • I enjoy being on Twitter as BHHS_Ohio, and growing our audience there, and in turn, helping other agents succeed on Twitter, growing their own audiences, and help them drive traffic to their personal sites.
  • I manage our company's Facebook, from our main business Facebook page to the many community business facebook pages that carry more local relevance and help agents get their own business facebook pages up and running, teaching them tricks and strategies to create more engagement, drive traffic to their personal sites and generate business from both.
  • I also manage our company Pinterest, soon to have our brokerage's listings added in addition to our community pages, and once agents have achieved some level of mastery over other forms of social media, I help them with that as well, being an important part of the complete picture.

That's just some of what I do on a daily basis.  A lot for a one man army, right? Yes, it is... but not a bad start for only a couple years and happy in my madness and also quite pleased with the progress that's been made in two year's time.

My point is simple though, agents need support. Not everyone has a knack for these types of things, and the technical aspects can be daunting when viewed by virgin eyes. Strategy and technique also doesn't come easy to a lot of agents and nothing beats good old fashioned mentoring.

Even I need support. and happily, I'm about to get a hand with all our social media from others in the company. It's a grand thing, as now all is in place and has achieved a certain level of prep and readiness, now I'm bringing in others from across our company to get involved and give our online presence a super-boost.

Agents need support, though all the support in the world won't help unless an agent has the right mindset and determination.

Attitude Determines Altitude

The agents I love working with the most are those that are humble (teachable), and eager for knowledge and they go to the front of the line with a free pass from me. I always make a promise to agents I work with, that if they work the leads we give them, sticking to the proven strategies and rules, their average price tag will increase year over year, and the volume of referrals they get from leads that became clients will also increase, providing a lot more business and at their full split. Our referral fees are very generous compared to most companies, and only on one side of the transaction ever.

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laking lopez wrote: Hello there Fantastic page Wonderful info!! You should also check out this video The Pros & Cons Of an HOA ( Home Owners Association )

Posted on Saturday, July 18th, 2015 at 7:11pm.

Greg Hancock wrote: Thanks Laking, though, it has nothing to do with the blog topic, lol... but nonetheless, a good video. Many buyers do struggle over homes in the right location that have HOA's. In my opinion, not worth it, but there are plenty of homes for sale in Ohio and abroad.

Posted on Saturday, July 18th, 2015 at 7:30pm.

Laughing at Laking wrote: It is often amuses me when spammers are too lazy to try to create their own content on their own sites and put their links on other peoples posts that aren't even related to the topic at hand. TIP to the spammers out there; at least try to post content that is relative to the article you are spamming. LOL. I'm still laughing. BTW. Great article Greg, I'm quite certain that your company is very proud to have a man like you on board and helping with so many aspects of the business. You appear to be a very valuable asset!

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2015 at 9:41am.

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