Helping Clients With Special Needs

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A Savvy and Compassionate Realtor

columbus realtors, columbus real estate agents, disabled personsSome clients will have needs beyond the request for an updated kitchen or a finished basement. What can a Realtor do to show clients that he or she understands client's with special needs? With a broad range of medical needs, it is impossible to know everything. However, simply not knowing anything may cause the client to choose a different Realtor. Why not take the time to familiarize yourself with common medical needs families deal with daily?

Differentiate Yourself

You can stand out by learning a little bit about common illnesses and the services offered to the community. Its normal to not investigate any of these issues until it affects us in our personal life. However, when a client is facing a move and the challenges of taking care of a disabled family member, it is reassuring to know their Realtor is in touch with their needs.

As busy as a Realtor can be, it shows a lot of empathy if you take the time to do a few extras. Measure doorways and hallways for a client before showing a home to family using a wheelchair. Look for first floor owner's suites for someone who cannot go upstairs. Having the name and contact info for a handy man that specializes in handicap accessories and additionally, can install door alarms for family members your buyers do not want to get out the door. One can also familiarize themselves with the local schools special needs and developmental disabilities programs.

Going the Extra Mile

Its good to remember that sometimes these buyers feel burdened just in daily care for their loved ones. A Realtor is a hero in finding the right home to alleviate some of that client's stress. The dividends are in referrals from happy clients that felt the concern and understanding of their needs.

2 Responses to "Helping Clients With Special Needs"

Alicia wrote: i appreciate this, bought a house several years ago and the agent was so impatient with me over my wheelchair. thinking about buying again around grove city, if i do i'm going to holler at you for help. i like what you had to say about being familiar with services in the area.

Posted on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 4:48pm.

Darla wrote: So true! My mom was looking to downsize after she was diagnosed with MS. I wanted to go to all the showings with her as she didn't have the use of her legs. I went with her a few times with one agent, and he was rude and impatient, and all he cared about was homes outside her price range, and wouldn't put any effort into finding properties that were wheel chair accessible. Glad to know there are some Realtors out there that have compassion!

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 7:57am.

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