Green Roof, Greener Budget

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Plants provide an alternative to Shingles

In Europe, the concept of “Green Roofs” is not a new idea. However, as more people look for ways to save money and lessen concerns over climate change, this idea is gaining more momentum within the United States. With Ohio State University taking the lead in the installation of a green roof in 2013, Ohio homeowners are now seeing that this option is not only possible, but can also be beneficial.

Many homeowners have faced the cost and mess of installing a new roof – the unattractive tarps, the noise, the anxiety that arises with every rain shower, the large price tag, etc. As green roofs are starting to sprout up all over the country and, now, the state, this new technique has proven itself as more than a passing trend. Why? Because, this approach offers homeowners an array of benefits, at a lower cost.

1. Cost: Let’s start with the brass tacks of green roofs – over time, they cost less than a conventional roof. How? While the initial cost of installation for a green roof may cost more out-of-pocket than shingles, the long-term benefits of a green roof are what can save you money. While, we will be getting into these in more detail in a moment, one obvious long-term cost benefit is that green roofs are designed to last longer than conventional roofs. Meaning, that whether you’re thinking about selling your house, buying, or staying put, having a green roof could add to the value of your home.

2. Environment: Green roofs have countless environmental benefits. One advantage is offered by the plants. With a green roof, plants are absorbing water every time it rains. This means that if you live in an urban setting, your roof is actually managing stormwater run-off. Having plants on your roof also adds insulation. With this added insulation, those who have green roofs could see a decrease in energy costs during the warmer months. The plants and greenery on the roof absorb the sun’s rays and heat in the summer. This helps them act as a protective layer between the sun and the roof, keeping homes cooler and the air conditioner from working as hard. On top of these benefits, there are also the obvious environment benefits of lowering carbon dioxide, offering better air quality, and the other benefits of providing additional space for more greenery to grown.

3. Aesthetics: I’m sure most realtors have never heard the statement, “There’s far too much green space here.”  Green roofs can add to the aesthetic of a home by adding green space to the house itself. With numerous designs and options for green roofs available, some homeowners will even add some seating to a level spot on their green roof, so they can enjoy the flora and the scenery. Plus, if you’re a savvy gardener and are looking to expand your vegetable garden, there are plenty of green roof designs that incorporate edible plants 

While a green roof may not be an option for everyone, there’s no denying that these innovative additions can add interest to any home. For more information about adding value to your home or to speak with a loan officer about purchasing a home, please visit

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