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Great Real Estate Agents - R.O.C.K.I.N.G

real estate agents in cincinnati ohioI almost feel sorry for home buyers and sellers in the beginning. They start looking at homes or for a listing agent and next you know, a real estate agent is reaching out to them and possibly several. I'm glad to say on this site we refer buyers only to agents we trust specifically.

It's easy to spot agents you don't want to work with.

Simple ways to identify a good Realtor

But how is a buyer supposed to know who to work with? There are an awful lot of articles out there ( and a blog topic that's been done to death ), so, how about simply starting with what's most important.

real estate agents southwest ohioResponsive: If it takes days for an agent to respond, you probably don't want to work with them. In the course of buying a home, information is sometimes flying back and forth at an alarming rate, especially if you're trying to get a home under contract and again once it's under contract. Sometimes, "time if of the essence" means if information is not handled within specified time lines, it can cost you a home. Learn more about how responsiveness of your agent affects you.

real estate agents in cincinnatiObedient: A real estate, or good Realtor in your service if agency is established. Yes, you only work with one agent at a time, but if you don't like your agent you fire them and choose another. Buyers should work with buyer's agents and sellers with listing agents. What does that mean? Listing agents promise to net their seller as much as possible, buyer's agent promise to help get the best deal. Who do you think you should work with? My business partner, Marty Snyder, is a professional buyers' agent and represents buyers, but sometimes he also lists homes and becomes the seller's agent.

real estate agents in daytonCautious: A seasoned Realtor, like Marty, will tell you things about a home that may discourage you from buying it. It's called honesty. Some agents chase a commission and don't serve their clients. Do you want an agent who will stand in front of a foundation crack or one that will point it out if your buying? Good Realtors always encourage inspections and make offers contingent on satisfactory inspections providing a legal way out of a contract should the property be revealed as lemon. Never forego inspections, even on a new home.

Two great articles; The Importance of Home Inspections and Home Inspections - Unlike Cars, There isn't a House Fax.

real estate agents in west chesterKnowledgeable: What type of homes i.e. foreclosed, HUD traditional are you looking into? This and also location can determine the type of home loans you should be looking into. Also, familiarity with local markets, knowing how to do proper research on house values in the area, and skills enough to guide some clients with credit, necessary monies to have on hand for out-of-pocket expenses and the ability to quickly get a contract-offer together are very important. Ask about these things. Marty and I sell dozens of home annually, and he's no stranger to the various nuances of different property types.

Check out What Type of Home is Best for Me and Pre-Approval is Pragmatic.

real estate agents in west chesterInvestigative: When you're buying a home, and especially at the point of making an offer, you're going to have questions about properties. Good real estate agents dig in, get the answers in a timely manner so you can make informed decisions. Like a private investigator, your agent should be digging and probing as a precursor to making an offer and save you time and money.

real estate agents in mason ohioNegotiating: A seasoned real estate agent knows when an offer is fair and equitable, regardless of the asking price and in some situations can get your closing costs covered, barter for the appliances or a carpet allowance or other items that may be flexible to help a buyer and seller have a "meeting of the minds" for a successful sale. Agents that sell a lot of homes tend to have more highly developed negotiating skills. 

real estate agents in beavercreek ohioGuiding: A great real estate agent tells you when a property isn't a good deal for you. You might be emotional, anxious to buy, and a good agents speak to patience, save you money and grief and are on top of keeping you focused on things like your credit, goals, and desires for a home while keeping them balanced for a happy outcome. This is a huge part of a real estate agent's job in the majority of cases.

Getting More Granular: R.O.C.K.I.N.G. Real Estate Agents:

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Aimee D wrote: Cautious - like that. agents should be cautious, mine wasn't and kept going on about what a great house it was and buy before someone else does. My husband is a general contractor and even though we know to do inspections regardless of how a home looks, he noted several expensive and severe issues. Guess our agent thought we were blind. We decided against the house, but also the agent. Know anyone good for Clermont County?

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