Good Real Estate Agents Part 2

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R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents - R is for Responsive

real estate agents in dayton, realtor tips, choosing a realtorHello everyone, don't you just love it when you call whoever for help with whatever and someone answers the phone? How about when you email or leave a voicemail and someone responds back within the hour?

It's awesome right? In any sales industry, responsiveness is a key indicator of a pro. Beyond being gratifying and appreciated, sometimes responsiveness can make or break a deal, especially in real estate.

I wrote a summary of good real estate agents, and following up with more on this multi-post blog to get a bit more granular.

R is for Responsive

Let me paint a few scenarios of why responsiveness is key if you're buying or selling. You might also want to peek at Agents to Avoid.

Buying a home: In this market, you can bet on having a lot of competition from other buyers in most cases. Should you decide to make an offer, there will be phone calls, emails, submissions and a lot of concerns with timeliness.

Once a seller accepts an offer, they cannot change their mind and accept another offer (short sales are an exception and often a crap shoot). If the home is reasonably priced or even a bit under-priced in a desirable area, in good condition with trending features, i.e number of beds, baths, fenced yard, 2 car garage and other popular items you can bet if you're interested, so are other buyers.

If your Realtor isn't on the ball, the risk of the seller accepting an offer from another buyer goes up exponentially and then it's back to the drawing board and you may not find another home you like equally as well.

Additionally, there are time constraints when you're under contract as with inspections, coordinating with other entities for power and water activation if need be, appraisal, etc. In the real estate industry, many contacts have or the real estate agent will add "time is of the essence" to the contract language and great agents make every effort to ensure timeliness every step of the way.

Timeliness is important for sellers too. Let's say an offer comes in and your listing agents presents it and you accept. Let's say your listing agent hasn't checked for any other offers and you were unaware another offer that suited your time-frame, net requirements and concessions was on the table. Not good, right? Part of being responsive is agents checking their email, voicemail and text messages frequently.

If you find yourself waiting for an initial response from a real estate agent for more than a 1/2 hour, you may want to take that as a sign. Quick responses make good first impressions, I wouldn't blame any buyer or seller not working with an agent if they don't get a good first impression.

If you're buying or selling in SW Ohio, you'll find my business partner Marty Snyder very responsive and just one reason clients love him. Like me, he too hates waiting, being put on hold or holding his breath waiting for a response.

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