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Here's where you'll find blog posts related to environmentally friendly real estate topics that affect health, money and house value, #GoGreen articles, and where you can bone up on energy efficiency as a buyer or as a homeowner. Sellers might be interested in browsing these topics as well if they are still in the preparation stage. Going Green is a growing trend; good for health, finances and mother earth.

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Vacation Fantasies Consume Us 

At the onset of warm weather the first thought that consumes all adult working individuals is a vacation. Nothing is more temping than the thought of a getaway complete with sandy beaches, roaring waves or backpacking through gorgeous mountains.

Summer on the HorizonIf you are lucky enough to be an entrepreneur, the typical mental debate of coordinating your holiday with co-workers or keeping a tally of your remaining number of vacation days does not exist.  It seems as if, to the rest of society, we can be as free as the wind.

The life of an entrepreneur in the summer varies as much as our individual lives, but, for the majority of us the work life balance becomes a struggle. Many different factors play a part in our distraction and

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New Home Trends 2015 - Smaller Green Packages

2015 new home trends, new home trends 2015, first time buyer trends 2015Will Ohio Real Estate accommodate First Time Buyers in 2015? A market crash, millennial buyers carrying too much student loan debt, unemployment, and host of other economic conditions held Ohio real estate back, but also markets in other states.

Smaller, greener Ohio homes for sale

Now, in a much healthier housing market, combined, these factors are most likely going to change what’s popular with buyers in 2015 and I think that first time buyers and second time buyers are going to be looking for specific features that are almost drastically different than previous trends.

HousingEcomonics.com recently published a report from a National Association of Home Builders survey of 3019 builders who were asked

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Indoor plants that clear the air and add some green

We have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: Winter is here. With the cold temperatures, many of us find ourselves cooped up indoors and not only missing the fresh air, but also the color green. Now, for the good news: You can incorporate some green into your interior design and breathe in some fresh air with the use of houseplants.

While houseplants will never compare to an apple tree in full bloom, they can still offer some benefits. Not only will a houseplant offer natural life to enjoy year-round, the following plants are also very effective at improving your indoor air quality:

  • Peace Lily: If you have house pets, the Peace Lily isn't for you. This plant is
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I sat down at my computer this morning with the intention of writing an article about energy efficient homes and it reminded me of the farm I once had. So, I decided to write the story below instead and will publish the other article at a future date.

I often reminisce about the farm that my wife (at the time) and I raised our children on. I remember about the hard work, the long days and the fun we used to have.

Ohio Farms for Sale

We owned and lived on a 40 acre farm near Caesars Creek Lake in Waynesville Ohio. I did a lot of research on the property and discovered that the house was built in 1848 by a local doctor. During some of the research, we discovered the home was suspected to have had ties to the Underground Railroad. The Dayton Daily News heard about my

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Peer-to-Peer Platform to Eliminate Energy Poverty 

Energy Sharing An interconnected platform that lets homeowners donate energy to those who are in need is set to launch this December. The company, Gridmates, is a peer-to-peer network. This company allows those with excess energy share it with neighbors in need of an extra boost. With Millennials buying their first homes, being eco-aware, and tech savvy, Gridmate hopes to connect all of these into one community-sharing project.

Like many things in life, opportunities are not always equal. We live in a world where in one neighborhood one family can’t put food on the table or keep their lights on at night, while the house next door is simply wasting electricity because “they can.” With this innovative platform,

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The Pros and Cons of Upcycling Old Furniture

Whether it’s a shabby chic, rustic, or industrial look, upcycling furniture is the hottest new fad when it comes to interior decorating. This design approach adds a personal touch to any space and helps to set your interior apart from other more contemporary spaces. While upcycling furniture has many incentives and can look amazing, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons before you buy that old dresser off of Craigslist.


  • Money – When you take on a DIY project, it’s usually to save money. While upcycled furniture sold in a store may cost you a pretty penny, if you take it on yourself, this approach is often guaranteed to save some cash. Many times people purchase old, used furniture in need of TLC.
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The world has changed dramatically in the past decade in so many ways and communication methods have played a huge part in it.

In today's world, almost everyone has a cellular phone. More and more people are using the more advanced type of cell phones called "smart phones".Smart phones are like a mini computer on steroids. You can send and receive emails, text messages and even videos to your friends and family. You can even watch your favorite TV show on a smart phone.

Ohio Real Estate

Many smart phones have better digital cameras installed than a lot of the traditional type cameras on the market today. They come in very handy when you are out and about and spot something that is photo worthy.

Since you probably never leave home without your phone, you've always

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Plants provide an alternative to Shingles

In Europe, the concept of “Green Roofs” is not a new idea. However, as more people look for ways to save money and lessen concerns over climate change, this idea is gaining more momentum within the United States. With Ohio State University taking the lead in the installation of a green roof in 2013, Ohio homeowners are now seeing that this option is not only possible, but can also be beneficial.

Many homeowners have faced the cost and mess of installing a new roof – the unattractive tarps, the noise, the anxiety that arises with every rain shower, the large price tag, etc. As green roofs are starting to sprout up all over the country and, now, the state, this new technique has proven itself as more than a

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Builders Focused on more Green Inventory by 2018

Experts are predicting and surge of "green home" and "eco friendly" housing to continue to rise sharply between now and 2018. 

green ohio homesAn upswing in green building is expected over the next four years as more widespread adoption takes hold, according to survey respondents in McGraw Hill's latest SmartMarket Report.

More than one-third of single-family builders, or 34 percent, report that more than 60 percent of their projects are "green." What's more, 62 percent of builders say they expect that more than 60 percent of their single-family homes will be green by 2018.

Going Green - Gaining Popularity

The multifamily market is also going green. The number of multifamily builders who say that 90 percent of

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I Love Berkshire Hathaway & Our Ohio Realtors

Hello again everybody, I'll be posting about Home Improvement 4 House Value: Mistakes Part Five later this week, but today, I just wanted to tell the world why I love being a part of this amazing brokerage. Real Estate is my third (and final) career in life, and I've worked for a few brokerages. Ohio Realtors are independent contractors and self employed but must operate under a licensed brokerage.

Ohio Realtors Berkshire HathawayOn that note, I'm glad I ended up here, and I can tell you, many of the same reasons I, as a Realtor, love working here are the same reasons why you would want to work with our Ohio Realtors whether your a first time buyer, selling a home, real estate investor or in need of commercial real estate.

High Tech

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