Going Green at Home

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5 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

be energy efficient at home, energy efficiency, energy efficient homesMore and more, people are caring for and defending the environment. Green Energy like renewable resources of solar and wind are trending up, sellers are making energy efficient upgrades, and buyers are looking for green / environmentally friendly features, appliances and construction materials. 

If you're a home owner, here are some easy things you can do to lower your bills and Go Green for the planet at the same time! It may not seem like a lot month to month but it really adds up overtime, especially is saving energy becomes a habit.

energy efficient appliances, going green, be energy efficient at home1. Keep the heat in and the cold out!

Improve your home’s energy consumption by up to 30% by upgrading your insulation. Insulation saves more than 600 times more energy than CFLs, Energy Star Appliances, and Energy Star windows…combined.

2. Don’t let money go down the drain

Fixing that leaky faucet that’s been dripping for a while will not only save money every month, but it will also save as much as 73,000 gallons per year.

3. Let the dishwasher do the work!

Fun Fact: Dishwashers use half the energy, one-sixth of the water, and less soap than hand-washing dishes.

4. Cold water = Cold Hard Cash

Almost 90% of washing machine energy usage is a result of heating water. If you set your unit to cold wash, you’ll save energy, and your clothes should be just as clean.

5. Be an Energy Star!

As most everyone knows, appliances with the Energy Star symbol are generally better for the environment and energy consumption. What you might know is that if an Energy Star product is more expensive than a standard appliance with the same features, the Energy Star rating indicates that you will make back the extra initial cost through energy or water bill savings.

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Amelia wrote: Saving money is a good thing and so hard, but wanted to say it's great seeing people become more conscious of our planet and taking / asking for responsibility.

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